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Convergence Articles

The WindowView web site as a whole was reformatted and restructured in 2013. The term 'scenario' is a newly adopted term for each of the main areas in the window simply because "scenarios unfold over time." A Key Scenario present in each area helps to focus on the topics in that area. In summary, all scenarios merge and thus we consider the consequence of this convergence.

Also, the addition of an "Overview," and "Thesis" page in each area of the web site provides better orientation to each section of the window.

All together, the window view sections look forward along time to an event horizon described by science, change, and biblical descriptions of events.

From time to time, summary area articles may be added here. This will further demonstrate the forward momentum of humanity and in what direction the momentum is carrying the planet's entire population. We aren't leaving anyone out of the big picture, everybody is included! The CONCLUSION to putting the window view together is thus technically inescapable.

New Summary Format

The main pages in the web site summary area, entitled "Convergence," are the top three menu items listed at the left. On those pages you will find an abbreviated menu plus a link to "All Articles." And on this "Articles Page" (a gateway to all current articles) a menu on the left will list titles to browse.

Convergence Implications

In brief, the term convergence is used because a look at all the subject areas within the window, brings a special conclusion formed by a merging of topics. That merger forms the WindowView conclusion—at which driving forces in the universe and on the planet all around you make for a personal choice … and that is presented in the "Step Up To Life" pages that are available throughout this entire web site.

Knowing why and how the convergence delivers you to the logical step up, is the ultimate appreciation for what is gained by time at the window.

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