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Convergence Update
July 2013

One of the major intents of WindowView is to point to a convergence of global events that is expected based on building trends. In surprising ways, this illustrates why we say: "Science and Scripture in Harmony."

This brief update is intended to draw attention to select perspectives that come to view and that contribute to convergence.

Scientific - Environmental Perspective:

One trend is humanity's inability to address the decline in the earth's environment. Humans debate cause, effect, and even if such a concern is real … all the while humans are engaged in undoing global ecosystems, disrupting food webs, depleting natural resources, and altering environmental quality.

Absolutely An Alarming Prospect

A July 2013 BBC report ("Arctic methane 'time bomb' could have huge economic costs") is the latest to declare the potential consequences if the Earth's permafrost thaws. The thaw is a reasonable prospect to follow the recent warming trend over the globe. One way to assess this is to think in three steps. If permafrost, in various locations thaws, then methane residues in the permafrost will be released. This as a minimal start puts a chain reaction in place. Think of temperatures warming thus far, climate change, as phase one.Methane in the atmosphere is a green house gas that traps heat! Phase two is initial methane release and another step up in warming. Phase three is a move toward all the permafrost going as well as sea floor release of methane deposits and vast amounts of earth-bound methane being released. The BBC states:

Scientists say that the release of large amounts of methane from thawing permafrost in the Arctic could have huge economic impacts for the world.

The researchers estimate that the climate effects of the release of this gas could cost $60 trillion (£39 trillion), roughly the size of the global economy in 2012.

The impacts are most likely to be felt in developing countries they say.

The research has been published in the journal Nature.

SIXTY TRILLION dollars in consequences is the human impact and this is due to precipitous, rapid change. Sea level rise would be coincidental follow but not in a FIFTY year timeframe as sometimes projected, but less, even a decade's time with the methane warm up that will eclipse the climate changes we've seen thus far.

Previous work has shown that the diminishing ice cover in the East Siberian sea is allowing the waters to warm and the methane to leach out. Scientists have found plumes of the gas up to a kilometre in diameter rising from these waters. …

They worked out that this would increase climate impacts such as flooding, sea level rise, damage to agriculture and human health to the tune of $60 trillion.

"That's an economic time bomb that at this stage has not been recognised on the world stage," said Prof Gail Whiteman at Erasmus University in the Netherlands, and one of authors.

For those not atuned to the biblical time line, we have some added 'food for thought' in light of the potential rapid environmental impacts and climate change. In context with the article cited above, as the permafrsot and sea floor gives up methane, the heat on earth will also fuel the 'fires of political and economic unrest' … globally. In a secular context, humanity will demand a solution. How does that play into the biblical timeline?

Biblical Time Line Perspective:

One other major trend we see in the window concerns a story line foretold in Scripture. Presently, we have arrived at a most serious point on the biblical time line. The most forward looking part of the time line concerns events to come (End Time to Eternity Future).

We recognize this may sound too far reaching for some persons, but lets review a few basic points. The future segment of time includes a move toward a world-wide government divided into ten parts (kingdoms)—as described in the book of Daniel. Economic zones on Earth today could easily be divided into such subdivisions of nations.

A peace process in the Middle East continually fails until one leader helps to form a seven year agreement, a covenant, which ultimately, later, is subverted by that same world leader—a reading of Daniel and Revelation fill in the big picture here.

How could a single person hold such power?

The speculation put forward for the moment includes not only a need for increased stability in global economies, or peace in the Middle East, but also material control to achieve sustainable solutions in the face of environmental threats to human survival on the planet. Thus, this world leader will demand control over how persons buy and sell (by way of a mark on the forehead or hand), and perhaps with the rationale that his will help the prospects for human survival and thus promises for a sustainable future on Earth. He will promise to save you! Follow him? Climate change, economic instability, and political unrest will entice humans into following one leader's direction as if that will solve all problems.

The Scriptures describe further moves to control humanity, the over throw of three of the ten kingdoms and demands leading to worship of this global 'emperor'—all this much like a return to the Roman Ceasars … where even the (as yet future) Jewish Temple in Jerusalem is taken over for the very purpose of this single person's purposes (Judas Macabee would not be surprised, he has seen it before, deja vu!).

The speculation here is that environmetal issues will be a part of the backdrop to the time line events and the chronology of events already described in Scripture. All this makes too much sense to not entertain as a possibility in the face of anticipated environmental chages—that accelerate, even in the present day. The evidence is there, it's in the daily news, and it's right outside your window.

You have arrived at the awakening that convergence brings.
Convergence illustrates where driving forces are pushing humanity … to a known event horizon … you can know what is on the horizon, if you look!


For other accounts of recent events in the Middle East, we recommend a look at updates from David Dolan (our index of his newsletters are listed by date)

The window looks to both scientific and biblical information that is complex, intricate, and focused. On one hand the human dilemma puts us at a material crossroads with material choices. Beyond this is a spiritual crossroads that puts before us a window to the eternal … and there we face a logic that describes why we here in the first place.

Science, faith, information, a look at unique perspectives … all bring the window together … but only for those willing to look, think, reason, and consider how this all affects each one of us personally.

The Thesis on Convergence is the big picture where all driving forces point to a choice based on science and faith, scientific and theistic information in the larger window framework, where you ultimately make a personal decision based on all that you see. Look, think, and discern!

Life brings us to the question of purpose!
You are here to make that decision.
That is the what to why you are here.

Do you see where convergence is leading humanity … leading you?

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