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The Window's
Event Horizon

The term 'event horizon' as used here represents an information-based premise, not an assumption. A premise is acceptable, if properly founded and logical. The horizon is defined by:

-- Scientific findings concerning life and our existence (Science)

-- Global trends validated by scientific and social data (Change)

-- Biblical information (Hebrew and Greek Scripture; Harmony)

-- Current events from at least two main perspectives (Timeline)

premise |ˈpreməs| noun Logic

a previous statement or proposition from which another is inferred or follows as a conclusion : if the premise is true, then the conclusion must be true.

Premise by Biblical Example

To substantiate the premise, first, one needs to have, for example, researched Scripture to determine reliability. Sufficient documentation of the Hebrew text reveals prophetic statements recorded early on were later fulfilled—often at a far distant point in time. Multiple earlier fulfillments build support for any latter fulfillments yet to come. Multiple fulfillments by the person of Yeshua reduce the probability of any other person ever being identified as Israel's Messiah. Also, because current events do not counter, but align with, or open the way to, future fulfillment of other scriptural statements, is added support for a reliable premise. This may be subtle on first glance, but any vastly different arrangement would argue for an unreliable premise.

Scripture serves as a reference point and the biblical chronology takes us through the event horizon—this is further supported by events and developments in the area of Change as well as Science. Three lines of evidence converge and the horizon is described in terms of real-time events now and expected events detailed by information now in view.

Really… Who is Looking

A second premise, and the reason for constructing the window, is: Many of our window visitors have yet to deeply consider that their life is unique, anything but 'normal,' and originates from a creative will, as opposed to random, unguided, chance events that just happened to assemble complex living beings from nothing.

There is a lot of room for sensational ideas here, but in plain language, with a bit of logic, we get past noise about threats to survival on Earth, sensational rants about Bible verses, and stubborn subjectivity that maintains only material cause and effect accounts for life's origin.

The window gives reason to sit back, collect thoughts first, and in a larger context look ahead to the coming horizon. As indicated previously, driving forces and information assembled from a look at Change, Science, Harmony and the Timeline creates a compelling composite view—that most everyone around you does not see. Being awakened—gaining the realization of an other side to reality—makes all the difference! From the confluence of information and current events, comes a merger of themes, moving us into the chronology of the biblical timeline.

What are some of the telltale signs of the chronology? To be clear, some events are provided in a fixed order, some can appear at any time. We do not, nor does anyone have foreknowledge as to when independent or sequences of events will initiate—this is a fact given in Scripture. We stand back, take note, and are initially leery when persons make emphatic statements about as yet unfulfilled chronological events—caution is warranted. But as time passes, we are approaching that horizon.

Overall, it is sufficient to identify trends and events, highlighted in the news every day, that lend themselves to an alignment with the forward looking set of biblical projections stated in Scripture.

Global Chapter 11

The earlier writing project, described in the WindowView area entitled Creator's Window, includes a chapter (actually Chapter 15) that outlines key biblical events. A reading of that chapter (PDF version here) details a specific biblical description. To look, momentarily, at the same material but in a plain text—a not so biblical context—we come up with descriptors that fit the event horizon, leading to a 'global scriptural bankruptcy,' which includes:

- Global economies will further be joined into ten zones that encompass the world (ten kingdoms, three will be overthrown)

- A peace pact that has for so long been elusive to the Middle East, will be finally made for Israel by a world leader who will gain renown for such an arrangement (i.e.,a seven year covenant)

- A rebuilding of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem

- Certain environmental and social events will develop into rather dire situations over large spans of the planet (some of these we identify as environmental types)

- In the face of a need for control and coordination, the renowned global leader will coordinate a system to monitor all buying and selling (controlled by a symbol placed on people, perhaps in appearance initially as a response to environmental and change events—advancing digital technologies and commercial scanners make such control possible, globally)

- The entire world will be connected and be able to directly watch live events in Israel, especially in Jerusalem (unimaginable before the Internet, is now matter of fact, a fulfillment of Scripture)

To those who have studied the Bible, each point above is familiar in a biblical context. The point here however, is that what will seem logical and part of 'natural responses' to coming events, will in fact fit the biblical chronology. Many persons who do not discern the underlying connections will march like lemmings to the sea. In fact, many will decry the acclaim of the world leader who will seem to be in control and saving life on the planet ... at least for starters. The chronology of horizon events clamp down on humanity forcing the ever deeper, inner look that we referred to in the Overview and Thesis pages of the Change Area.

Timeline Glide Path

When an airplane makes an approach to a landing, the autopilot or person flying the air craft sets a course to a smooth glide path and a gentle descent to the runway. In similar fashion, the Window's Timeline area is provided to make the observation that human events along the prior historical path lead to the present time, will next build toward and glide along specific events in time leading to the final approach to the event horizon. The transition may include some turbulence and bumps and even the threat of going off course ... but how persons on board planet Earth respond to the descent in time, is something that forces us to make decisions about what comes next.


The premise that biblical events define the coming horizon and that Science and Change evidence provide added driving forces toward and through the event horizon brings us to the conclusion ... that there is something beyond the horizon.

Throughout the WindowView site there are links to "Step Up To Life." Understandably many visitors will skip the links to stepping up, but if you take a look, you'll be asked to reflect on self, situations today, and to make a decision ... that opens to a new relationship. And that relation is what you will find waiting on the other side, if you so choose.

Life is a gift and an opportunity to see and to choose.

The link to Step Up To Life is located in the gray pop up panel below, just click on the tab!

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