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Summary - Reflection

Summed Up: Choice and Promise

The foundation upon which we can rest a summary for the WindowView is built upon beams and supports entitled Change, Science, and Harmony. Side struts with members composed of timelines and events that relate to the Middle East, science, society, and change further support this foundation. Without validation the window makes no sense. The recent alignment of historic global events to the window's scenarios serves as validation and to draw attention to what is most important in life.

In many places throughout the window, there is reference to making a choice in light of evidence within the window. And frankly, you can add other perspectives because your window opens to more that the scenarios presented here. That's okay and encouraged. The idea of adding perspectives will likely bring you back to the key scenarios and realization(s) brought to light here.

A choice made, following consideration of window perspectives, comes with a benefit—a Promise.

The promise is essentially a covenant described in the Scriptures. Your choice opens a way from this temporal limited lifetime to an eternal life. The biblical text describes two steps for the extended life, first a life experience in a Kingdom era, with a familiar reset and renewed earth. Following that, the universe is "rebooted" to another set of dimensions that the Scriptures only vaguely describe—we are given enough information for now. Briefly put, the promise is freedom from the sin nature we share today and a path forward in a relationship with the God of Israel.

Again, here is the introductory video for the Convergence Area which alludes to the Promise:


Time of Reflection

At this point, the statements made above are essentially an adequate summary of the WindowView. If you have not yet explored the other parts of the window, the following is a quick review of what the WindowView examines. This may be repetition for others who have explored the web pages here … but we'll try to make this a useful summary to all who read further.

Not the Twilight Zone!

The "other side of the coin" analogy we start with on the home page is a reference to there being something more to the reality we experience … but something we miss in our daily routine. The only way to describe how different the other side of the coin is would be to further reference another kind of experience that is other worldly. If you search the Internet for television reruns of the "Twilight Zone," hosted by Rod Serling, you might grasp what we are trying to relate here. But the other side, the other part of reality, is essentially as real as anything else—and thus polishes the full explanation for our value, purpose, and existence. The added analogy to experiencing something like walking into the 'twilight zone' helps, but at the same time it's not twilight reflected in the window—instead the fullness of the view reveals the true zone we are in!

Reflecting on Change:

None of Us Gets Out of Here Alive!

Humans are vulnerable and the natural world provides reminders by way of devastating storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, floods, mud slides, sink holes, and even rare meteor strikes. Our earthly lives are in the balance each day, yet we live as if there will always be a tomorrow—forever young—yet, we use the earth's resources as if there is no tomorrow—one way consumption! Why do we not live with respect to generations to come? Are we preparing a place for those who live to see the year 3000? If anything, change in our world driven by human activity reveals we live for this day—life in the flesh—with little thought for tomorrow.

We view global change as a key scenario in the window because we are vulnerable—naturally and due to consequences from our behaviors, beliefs, and human driven events. The truth is we are all part of one or other generation. We come into the world with nothing and we take nothing with us when we die. But we all ask is death the absolute end? Is there a life after death … the question seems born with our very being. Science in an absolute materrial frame of reference cannot answer. Scripture can and does … with "yes."

All this is known and anticipated—in Scripture—the earth will be renewed and then totally remade, but not by the hands of man. Change today reveals how feeble humanity is at being a sustainable species. Sin gets in the way of sustainability. Sorry, but it's true, we fall short of the lofty goals—just look at a globe filled with conflict today.

Reflecting on Science:

Life's Origin is Not by Chance

If we turn to modern science and put the data in view, we are faced with another change, a surprise, an explanation comes in a new light! Life's origin cannot be demonstrated by science, nor by composing any possible scenario related to a an infant planet, nor from the nature and physics of chemicals, and the elimination of possibilities is itself a significant scientific finding! To the material thinker, only a naturalistic explanation is acceptable and the next hypothesis must be thought up … in this we see denial of the other side of the coin. Life appears so rapidly on a young planet with no time or conditions for evolution—this is obvious beyond denial.

But add to this the recent assessments of the level of complexity in biological systems, cellular features, whereby an individual protein functions as a machine. Even more wondrous is the fact the origin of the information that is encoded in genes, chromosomes, and entire genomes of living beings is unexplainable. The majority of studies on mutations start with information that already exists in living beings. Making new information requires more time and probabilistic resources than have existed from before the universe began. Forming a new functional protein, a molecular machine, from scratch or even an existing protein defies explanation.

The message is not in supposed gaps that science finds hard to fill, it's the lack of explanation because research exhausts what one might reasonably expect for the material story. If it's not there, then something special brings us into being and all the assessments reveal we are not here by chance. This realization is beginning to come to the forefront and it sinks in slowly, but this is the realization!

Putting the View Together On Time

Scientific data and biblical trends blend along a timeline. In fact, a timeline is the backbone to this web site. All themes presented here rest on that timeline.

All events in past, current, and by making of tomorrow's history unfold the timeline. And yet, based on clear trends, from what background information science gives us on life's origins and on our inability to be full partners in a mandated role as stewards over the earth, we are on track with the biblical themes that are reported to be on the timeline ahead.

Reflecting on Scripture & Harmony:

Life's Opportunity

Convergence brings us to a crossroads that seems to spell crisis, but the biblical timeline keeps revealing a promise for life and that can be obtained only by choice. We think that time at the window will reveal three areas with hidden connections that reveal we are on our way to a specific event horizon in time. Before reaching that horizon, you can see driving forces behind convergence leading to choice or crisis … but if a choice it's up to you.

See the choice, see the promise, and to see your existence in light of life to come. We encourage you to Step Up To Life!

Convergence sets the WindowView in motion!

The WindowView is not a static picture. The window's timeline demonstrates that humans move faster and further, but never really advance. But this was always known to be this way …

Eccl 1:3 What profit has a man from all his labor In which he toils under the sun? 4 One generation passes away, and another generation comes; But the earth abides forever. 5 The sun also rises, and the sun goes down, And hastens to the place where it arose.

And the knowledge we would gain in time was anticipated as well:

Da 12:4 “But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.”

Today we are running to and fro … but where are we? Where are you? The window reveals a progression in Science, a progressive set of forces for change, and a progression along a biblical timeline … with all lines of sight converging … providing each one of us an opportunity to respond … and to put choice in place of crisis!



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