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In the WindowView

Science and Scripture in Harmony

A Window ...

A Place For Perspectives

◊ EACH life is a window ... each lifetime an opportunity to see and understand truth, the future, and our human destiny

◊ WindowView is a place that challenges you to see the evidence for our origin, purpose, and an eternal truth

◊ ARE we looking at the last days of human survival on planet Earth?

◊ TODAY we have the evidence revealing the future

◊ MULTIPLE sources, from scientific data to biblical texts, to historical evidence, to varied perspectives are all illuminated within a window's framework

◊ SEE, HEAR, discern and test ... hold fast what is true

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WindowView Main Menus:

In An Era of Rapid Change:

These are alarming times ... the earth is wearing thin and humans have lost sight of stewardship for truth, civility, planet, life, and the God given reason for our existence.

We are using up the earth's resources with reckless abandon ... land, water, fuel, food are precious and dwindle with change.

Nations provoke each other ... saber rattling continues ... Danger is at our door ... what good will become of ISIS, North Korea and Iran's nuclear bombs, nations continually living on debt, and humanity's indifference to humanity, nature, and future generations. Are you not concerned?

Might there be a rational conclusion about life today and why we are seeing a planet coming unglued?

We, many of us, still live like there is always a tomorrow.

Changes accelerating around the globe illustrate how a shrinking planet will push all humanity to new realities concerning survival and dependence on the stewardship we have totally lost sight of in the first place.

However, by looking at the world as only a material place, where we exist only as material beings, misses a critical fusion of perspectives.

The WindowView is a soft apologetic, that is, the information here is a 'gentle' defense of faith and reason based on science and Scripture. Ease into the window's vantage points on change, science, and the harmony and all unique perspectives will merge.

To those who have never read the Bible, there is news and information with specificity for today.

To those who have not looked closely at what scientific information really shows, there is an awakening yet to be discovered in the awesome complexity and the known evidence for origins to life on earth. Might the reality of who we are and how we came to be ... be as simple as watching birds ...

How might we be intelligent and surmise truth?

Here is another significant perspective:

Ask: What and Why:

We commonly hear ...

• skeptics and atheists say there is no God

• naturalists say evolution explains all

• creationists say science is not to be trusted

• open the window wide and look carefully

We blindside ourselves by assumptions and opinions others keep pushing ... but what if you look closer at the information for what it reveals?

Will you see where the evidence leads us?


Simply scan the main menu above and visit the various sections of the window.

What happens when assumptions are removed?

What is most truthful about our existence and future?

Several window perspectives, combined objectively, reveal scientific and biblical information exposes our future.

Look and consider:

What do the data really tell us?

Where does the evidence lead?

What evidence converges to form the bigger picture?

The window invites you to take a look for yourself!

The 'WindowView' presents an opportunity to consider several key scenarios in areas identified as Change, Science, and Harmony. An added area provides a timeline because human events leading to the future travel along Time.

All areas of the window contribute to a Convergence and the merging of scenarios—and thus provides a summary.

A word of caution: Set aside preconceived notions. Any personal bias may initially tempt a quick exit. However, appreciating the entire window and surprises within only comes with looking at more than one perspective. Determining what is true in this life is something only you can satisfy for yourself. Start by a look at life's origins and change in your world today to see forces guiding us to the future.

Additional Video Introductions to WindowView:

Click an image to view.

Consider … today, humanity has the necessary data to:

- Recognize global changes, including climate, social, economic, and other human-driven issues confound the prospect for a sustainable future on planet Earth—leading to reflection on the value of life and our survival

- Understand that data for life's chemical and biological origin scenarios do not fit standard explanations—with the direct inference: scientific information reveals we are expressly not here by accident or chance

- See a confluence of scientific data and evidence in the Hebrew and Greek biblical texts flow in harmony to look to the future with a promise and a purpose for the reality we share today

- Reflect on the role for a chosen people and how they are at the hub of timeline events leading to the future

- Know that past and current events converge on a previously documented chronology of future events that testify our being is by purpose and design


Life comes with a choice for the future.

A choice is the reason for this WindowView!

The Window is here for you!

Window Perspectives

Explore the window, visit each brief video Introduction accompanied by an Overview, a Thesis page, and then supporting Articles. Change, Science, and Harmony move us along a Timeline where all perspectives Converge to summarize the entire view and our future … the evidence is before us … many sources together point the way.

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Reflections in the Window

"We had sky up there, and we used to lay on our backs and look up at them, and discuss whether they was made or just happened." - Mark Twain

"Religion points to that area of human experience where in one way or another man comes upon mystery as a summons to pilgrimage." - Frederick Bucchner

The WindowView opens to where science meets faith … where scientific and theistic perspectives converge to define life's origin, purpose, and our future!

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