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First, view a short video introduction to the Window's Harmony Area:


Next ... the OVERVIEW

This is a brief look into the key scenario in the Harmony area of the window. Look around the window to add the other significant scenarios—multiple perspectives fill the view to the bigger picture!

Increasingly, the data and growing evidence, when viewed objectively, are saying LIFE on Earth is not by chance, change events and documented chronologies all fit one overarching biblical scenario — something many have denied or discounted. Yet, the evidence is compelling and begs a serious look.

At the hub of history is Israel. Have you noticed how Israel stands with a sea of turmoil on all sides in the Middle East.

Stepping back a moment, we wonder about life's origin and ask could there be a Designer and could that be God? But when it comes to a chosen nation and her people, Israel's origin is clear. Yet the world discounts a Divine origin and thus the Divine source ... and we see turmoil, wars, and continued dysfunction in the human family. The purpose for a Jewish people is yet to reach fulfillment.

First, these are a people who need to connect with the God of Israel through a mediator. That Mediator has shown Himself in time and space. This appearance is an intervention disbelieved or rejected, but no less documented by historians and by Scripture.

To identify the Mediator is a key to a 'global' understanding!

This Harmony Area speaks to a linkage between Israel, the Hebrew Tanahk (Bible), the Greek Brit Chadashah (New Covenant), and prepares both Jew and Gentile to see a relationship that defines the future.

In the larger context of the window, the Scriptures describe a chronology of events yet to come. Israel is key to seeing those anticipated events. This perspective is joined by the witness of Change and Science as illustrated in other areas of the window. All together, all perspectives merge by Convergence and that leads all humanity to a time horizon ahead.

The 'Overview' is a plain language explanation for the Harmony Area. For the deeper implications to this area's revealing scenario, visit the 'Thesis' page. Each area of the window presents articles with unique perspectives—each adding supporting information to the broader view. The window looks to a horizon and all 'sight lines' compose what is to be seen ... on the horizon is our future.

Finding Shalom ...

Link: Jews Speak on Finding the Jewish Messiah

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