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This is a brief look into a key scenario in the Change Area of the window. Look around the window to add the other significant scenarios—multiple perspectives from scientific data, scriptural information, the world's historical timeline, and forces behind global change—all of the evidence fills the view to the bigger picture on our future!

As illustrated in the Science Area, life on earth is not by chance. Change events documented by scientific data remarkably lead directly into a documented chronology that is in fact a longstanding and well described overarching biblical scenario.

The changes described here lead to a one world government and a global control over all humanity. Global changes and building consequences are only one factor that contribute to this change in the world's political landscape ... but the reality of this is not long in coming.

Signs of what comes next are just below the surface as we watch economies falter, famines and diseases tugging at the human existence, national power struggles getting in the way of true collaborative global solutions—humanity's dysfunctional state is the weakness that will allow the merger of power and events already documented in texts thousands of years old.


Ask: "What are the nations doing that really solves all the problems humanity faces today?"

Perspectives on current change, ongoing strife, a lack of political action that truly overcomes global issues, and a matrix of consequences lead to exactly what the ancient texts anticipate ... really, not so unbelievable!

You just have to look, think, and see!

Look through the window to focus on change now and the changes that science and Scripture portend for the future. Science on change (both climate and global changes) and Scripture are not in conflict—only misguided distractions, and lack of foresight or knowledge lead to misunderstanding.

Change concepts are further developed on the 'Overview' and 'Thesis' pages to follow. Each area of the window presents articles with unique perspectives — each adding supporting information to the broader view. The window looks forward to a horizon and all 'sight lines' compose what is to be seen ... on the horizon is our future.


The gallery graphics primarily concern climate related issues, but as noted in the window, climate is only part of the bigger picture. We'll refer to this gallery again on the Thesis page.

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