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A WindowView on Science


Next ... the OVERVIEW

Like many people on this planet, you may be rudely unaware ... thus here is a brief look into the key scenario in the science area of the window. Look around the window to add the other significant scenarios—multiple perspectives from global change, scriptural information, the world's historical timeline, and the scientific data, all of the evidence fills the view to the bigger picture on our future!

The common view on life's origin is not supported by the scientific data gathered by scientists! The critical issue is that 'information' is what defines our universe and all of life. Where that information originates is an issue avoided by many humans today. Don't be fooled ... think about this for yourself and the implications that define your existence! 'We' aren't saying this, the DATA are telling us this is what everyone needs to consider!

Look through the window with a focus on the concept that scientific evidence and scriptural information both, when combined, reveal our future. Science and Scripture are not in conflict—only misguided interpretations, assumptions, and lack of knowledge lead to such misunderstanding.

Increasingly, the data and growing evidence, when viewed objectively, are saying LIFE on Earth is not by chance, change events and documented chronologies all fit an overarching biblical scenario. The evidence from scientific studies is compelling in unanticipated ways!

An old paradigm, a model of explanation, has lost explanatory power. The scientific data need reexamination from a fresh perspective. WE HAVE the data today to reveal the difference!

A new look at fossils, information science, molecular, cellular, and genetic data all point to something so remarkable that the scientific community is now coming to recognize in a new light. Change is difficult, but the data stand as witness to something special. And this is what you'll read about on the pages to follow.

This introductory video is a starting point and the window's concepts and perspectives are further developed on the Science Area 'Overview' and 'Thesis' pages to follow. Each area of the window presents articles with unique perspectives—each adding supporting information to the broader view. The window looks to a horizon and all 'sight lines' compose what is to be seen ... on the horizon is our future.

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