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Overview on Convergence

Convergence is defined as: "process or state of converging : [example] the convergence of lines in the distance" (Oxford Dictionaries).

What Is The Point of WindowView?

Convergence is WindowView's summary. Putting all the window pieces together composes the entire view. To answer the question above the Overview starts with a focus on 'Driving Forces' from each area of the window. If you visualize, even feel, the motion resulting from these forces, then their impact is personal, real, and relevant.

If you have visited the Overview and Thesis pages for the other WindowView areas—on Change, Science, and Harmony, and TimeLine—it's time to think about the "big picture." Now, to discover the vital reason for a 'Window View.'

Driving forces move window pieces and convergence snaps them into place.

Driving Force - Change Area

Environmental change results from human and non-human sources. Precipitous recent change is concurrent with increased human population and increased human activity.

An analogy is humanity today exhibits a pattern like bacteria growing on a culture plate. There are only so many resources, a finite supply of nutrients, only so much water, and limited space in which to live—likewise, the earth is finite. Once the plate is overgrown with organisms, the population hits a peak and then crashes — biological chaos follows.

Today, human economic, political, and material behaviors support an increasing population and continual massive depletion of non-renewable resources. Human activities impact the environment. Renewable resources are limited and require increased energy consumption for processing and reuse. Human behaviors sustain unsustainable life styles which are linked to the driving force ... simply 'going green' is insufficient. This is obviously the case as we approach anticipated events.

The Change Thesis focuses on changes that "progressively drive humanity toward a previously recorded biblical chronology of future events."

Our continued global focus on material behaviors fuels the force that leads material-minded beings to eventually seek someone to "save the day" and thus "save the planet" and further "save humanity." To date, political and national interests get in the way, and thus fail to counter negative consequences on a global scale. What is the solution?

A StrongMan will step into the gap and present solutions. Scripture records this 'leader' takes global control. Material reasons ride along the surface, but the depth of truth is a battle for the spiritual hearts, minds, and soul of every human on the planet. The real driving force moves all of us past the material and survival issues to one of considering the spiritual reality to life. And why should that be easy to do? The answer comes with a remarkable realization gained in the Science Area. Who we are is more than chance, more than mere material and biological beings.

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Driving Force - Science Area

Looking at the other side of a coin is an appropriate analogy for the great need humans have to fully see what the scientific evidence tells us. Steeped in an outdated theory, but swamped by compelling modern data, humanity fails to recognize what actually put us on earth ... the failure stems from an astounding omission of fact. Why are we not acknowledging what the evidence tells us?

The data are easily interpreted in terms of a 'process of change occurring over time.' The earth's history and scientific datasets confirm this, but the process itself is in need of a second look. On the other side of the coin, a second look at the data reveal the action of a designing intelligence directing and "making possible the rapid appearance of life forms, a vast diversity and abundance of species, all to prepare the planet for human life. Life is therefore special and not by chance." This is the point expressed in the Science Thesis.

The driving force that set the universe into motion also intervened at just the right times. This is evident to those looking closely at the evidence and doing so with an open mind. Yet historically this is exactly excluded by materialistic and naturalistic thinkers—for them a material event must have a natural cause even if the data say otherwise. (refer to Science Area Thesis for details)

Material naturalism rejects the notion of God. However, the idea that God fills gaps in scientific data is now passé, because the apparent negative findings are clearly positive links to the "how and what" put us here. And the 'who' granted us free will to decide for ourselves what to believe. But belief is nothing without foundation. Some still prefer the old theory, with its explanatory power of impossible odds and unguided random chance. Look again, the data say otherwise!

Life is special, phenomenal, wonderful ... so if a human life has a purpose, then that purpose has an origin. Is there any additional observable evidence that we can see during our lifetime for purpose and its origin? If so, then convergence drives us to a specific destination. The additional evidence comes by looking at the Harmony Area and our destination is defined there as being something well beyond the present.

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Driving force - Harmony Area

Some WindowView visitors might first think the Harmony Area looks to justify combining science and scriptural themes. After all, the WindowView theme is: "Science and Scripture in Harmony." In reality, the term harmony refers to a link—a harmonic bridge of information—reaching from the Hebrew to the Greek text.

There are multiple driving forces to consider here.

One force created and sustains Israel and her people. Have you ever asked why there is a Jewish presence? You know there is an origin. So a physical people are evidence of a God of Israel. You can't see Him. Is He real?

We are told these are a Chosen People. The scriptural vantage point tells why a chosen people exist and what they are to do. And exactly what is that? From the older text to newer, the picture is clear. The driving force here is the follow-through the Jewish people will engage in ... in the days ahead. They are a witness and a force for building a key relationship—and not just for them.

Another force evident throughout human history is the rejection and attempted annihilation of the Jewish people. But is it just they who are being rejected? Ever wondered what would happen if 'humanity' would just leave Israel alone to be like any other nation on the planet? This added destructive force closing in on Israel is met by an opposing unseen force. This is no coincidence. The opposition to Israel's existence is a sign of the times. Read ahead in the Greek, you'll see Israel is sustained—eternally.

Simply put the Harmony thesis states "We exist for a relationship with God—should we choose—for both Jew and Gentile, the choice is ours to make. The evidence in the Scriptures is designed specifically to make this one main point."

Humanity, vast numbers of persons, have never fully absorbed the reality of why God chose a specific group of humans for His purposes. Many professed Bible believers read the texts as if Israel is no longer relevant ... the thought is that somehow "we progress past the role the Jewish people played in time gone by." In reality their role is now ramping up and is increasingly in the scriptural spotlight.

What then is merging, coming together?

The driving forces described here impinge, converge on one focal point. The point to WindowView is to shed light on the fact that current events around the globe are driving toward a time of weakness, chaos, conflict, when an apparent strong leader will take command. For a time he will tolerate religion and other global leaders. His worldly approach will focus on the material realm and he will depose others—leaders and religion. Yet, we have the data today that reveals humanity is the product of a designing will, an intelligent agent, that logically is God himself. In opposition, one day, the strong man will declare he is God, much like the Roman Caesars long ago.

In total counterpoint, the view from Scripture, with all the fulfilled prophesies past, and all future anticipated events standing ready, is written awaiting our attention. So, there in the text, the role of a chosen people emerges. Like the scientific evidence, these persons are part of the ultimate testimony for God. They exist for that purpose. They were gathered in His name for your sake. And yet, until the end of the current era, they will be sought as undesirables. Scripture states, in the days ahead, bad will be called good and good will be called bad. This is already happening, if you look closely. This characterizes what lies ahead of us on the event horizon of time.

More details about the Convergence appear on the Thesis page.

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The Window as a metaphor: Our life experience is like a window. Look through a window to see what is outside of us, what surrounds us, and ultimately what moves us through time. The world surrounds us with images, sounds, sensations ... an ever changing landscape of dawn to dusk, cycles of solar brightness and to darkness, wind driven motion, or stillness in silence. Open the window and take in the morning coolness, mid-day warmth, sounds of birds and distant thunder, and then clearing to quieting twilight as stars emerge. A window experiences are a continual stimulation and reveal forces for change over a lifetime.

Convergence: Thesis Page

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