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Jew and Gentile Together

Holy Days & Holidays

Art by R. Chanin

What is your favorite holiday? Ask the question and get a traditional answer... until you ask someone whose really thinking about the big picture. And in unique cases the answer you get is a surprise... but really is this so surprising? After all where are Christmas and Easter in the cycle of holy days?

Why Would a Christian Consider the Jewish Holidays?

Happy New Year!

Shofar So Good! But Only until the Trump Blows! Why?
Read Here About the

Time of the Signs

(a Rosh HaShana message for the new millennium,to be sure... a message for Jew and Gentile alike!)


What might Jews and Gentiles find in common from a Yom Kippur message... you might be surprised!

For those who define life in their own terms, but keep being frustrated by less than perfect results. How do we fine peace and resolution to getting past the hurdles that life throws in our way. Here is a way to atonement and putting ...

An End to Terrible Days


Feast of Tabernacles

Have you given any though to the options available to a intelligence that creates a material universe — the one you reside in now — but yet is a being not defined in material terms. Might the Great Designer of this place need a mechanism to come and put on appearances that material beings — you and I — can relate to? Is this in fact what happened some two millennia ago? Why was there a need for a Messiah as a communicator... and is this tied into the interface between God and humanity. Furthermore, might there be a festival celebrated by a designated people to symbolize His coming to co-inhabit this place if only for a brief visit. The Jewish people do in fact celebrate a time of residence with the Almighty at the Feast of Tabernacles... but do they see the Messianic significance of this? Think about it and read...

God's Glory in a Tent!


What's so Jewish about Christmas?

You'll need all your fingers AND toes to count the reasons behind this season!

Christmas Trees Grown from Jewish See

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Passover Past, Passover Present, and the Last Passover

The Lamb of God in the Passover

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