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Six Strategies For
Intermarried Couples


Take some time out to do some serious thinking. Discover the real issues. Ask yourself: "What's at the root of my religious conflicts with my spouse?" Some mistake fear, selfishness, pride or lack of trust for "religious incomparability." In other words, the problem may not be the problem.


The jury's in on this one: "Blending traditions" still doesn't work, so don't waste your time. Eventually, the novelty of celebrating everything wears away, and all that's left are offended in-laws and children who are confused and skeptical at best.

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Moses married the daughter of a Midianite priest. King David and Jesus are both descended from the Jewish heroine, Ruth ... who was not Jewish at all, but a Moabitess who twice married Jewish men. These and other marriages between Jews and Gentiles are nowhere condemned in the Bible, but form a wellspring of rich cultural heritage. In fact, the only intermarriages which the Old and New Testaments view negatively are those which include the worship of false gods.


The union of Jews and Gentiles seems to be high on the list of God's priorities! In the first book of the Torah, God promises to make Abraham, the first Hebrew patriarch, the father of many "goyim" (Gentile nations). The Hebrew prophet Isaiah wrote that God would join Jews and Gentiles to create a "house of prayer for all nations." In the New Testament, the Apostle Paul (a religious Jew) wrote to Gentile congregations in Ephesus and Rome about a "mystery": God would one day knit together Jews and Gentiles into one unified body. In other words, the marriage of a Jew and a Gentile has the potential of demonstrating God's eternal purposes.


Dig around the roots of Christianity and you'll discover something amazing ... They're Jewish! All of the first followers of Jesus were Jews who worshiped at the Temple in Jerusalem. The Christian communion was conceived at a Passover Seder table by observant Jews. Baptism emerged from Judaism's ritual "mikveh". The entire New Testament was written by Jews except for one author, who was likely a Gentile proselyte to Judaism. Your names may be Rosenstein and O'Reilly, but your roots are likely situated on common ground!


Your kids are not only smart, they're spiritual. And they deserve a spiritual heritage that is more substantive and enduring than mere symbols and holidays. They deserve a spiritual reality; a relationship with The Living God; the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Problem is, you can't give them what you don't have. Thousands of intermarried couples have discovered something that has changed the course of their lives: It is wonderfully possible to be fully united in one faith in one God without either spouse relinquishing their Jewish or Christian heritage. The solution is Biblical, and emphasizes simple faith and trust over religious affiliations and conversions. Best of all, it provides a spiritual legacy for your children that will transform them, too. Interested? Contact Chosen People Ministries or send an e-mail message to Window View's contact person: Scott Brown.

Read Further to Consider Yet Another More In Depth Perspective on Intermarriage

Scott Brown: "Intermarriage is more than the issue of Jewish and Gentile people getting along with each other. This really deals with issues concerning convergence! More than the convergence of cultures, it’s also the outworking of a redemptive plan that requires the convergence of peoples."

Click Here to read a dialog with Scott that addresses
Harmony in Intermarriage
The Relationship That Is More Than Jewish and Gentile People Getting Along. Chosen People Ministries © 2000

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