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Yeshua is a Jew!

A Plain Language Thought from the Window

With great pleasure we introduce to you the writings of Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, a Messianic scholar and Ministry Leader who deserves your kind consideration ... and we do this with a FREE book for your to download right here!

Who better to write on the topic of Yeshua's Jewish identity than a Jew? The book entitled "Jesus was a Jew" (see link below) needs one added bit of emphasis here ... because with exploration we know Yeshua is His Hebrew name and that the 'was' really needs to be an 'is,' simply because He was and still is alive and with us all, Jew and Gentile.

Before you download the PDF (6 MB), please note that we offer this in recognition of which we hope you will visit to find the additional works and ministry resources there.

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Also, a wonderful resource we refer visitors on many of our other pages is Dr. Fruchtenbaum's book: "The Footsteps of the Messiah." This volume is used as a resource related to the last portion of the time line presented here in the window!

Footsteps of the Messiah book cover

The linkage between the Jewishness of Messiah and the identity of Yeshua (Jesus) is simply the main issue at the crossroads of time. Today, the question of who the Jewish Messiah is brings us to specific information that will open the minds and hearts of those who live in Israel (and around the world). When there is a revival within the remnant of those who will believe, then we will be entering the latter days described in detail in the 'Footsteps' book also featured here.

Click on any of the following three images to download Dr. Fruchtenbaum's book "Jesus was a Jew."

Download Jesus was a Jew

Here is the table of contents!

Table of contents

And a sneak peak at the start of Chapter One:

Chapter 1 page 1

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