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A Plain Language Thought from the Window

The Harmony Area's many articles deal with issues related to Jews and Gentiles living a common reality. They both are ultimately capable of receiving the same blessing of salvation. While the Lord put the House of Israel on the map of history, creating this chosen people through one man, Abram. The story of faith by Abram, who then was renamed Abraham, leads to a common theme, salvation.

From the very start, the common denominator is faith. For Abraham, who did not have a written gospel, nor the direct experience or witness by a Jewish Messiah, salvation was accounted to Abraham by his faith.

And by faith you too can grab a hold of salvation. And this is simply the knowledge that by your awareness, acceptance, knowledge of the reality of God, His existence being truth, that you can have an eternal relationship with God. Salvation means you will be allowed the next step.

And what is that step? As we live in the flesh, we understand our life in terms of our five material senses (we see, hear, smell, taste, touch) and in terms of the events we encounter, endure, and the failures and successes we experience. But salvation provides for a life beyond the present life experience. Some see this as a spiritual truth and by this acceptance the door to understanding salvation is opened.

Holding fast to the flesh experience, i.e. what the present life holds, and only this alone, means the door is not yet open. And you will meet people that are entirely sold on the idea that this life is all there is, all there ever will be. And for them, by default, that is the only truth there will ever be.

Salvation is being 'saved over,' being safe in the knowledge that while death is certain, it's not the end of the experience. Take a moment and acknowledge that 'little voice' inside. Think about how the body grows older, your spirit seems to be saying 'I'm alive and this can't end!' A relationship with God means it won't end, even if death comes as a step in a larger process.

Salvation is at the root of the Hebrew Scripture, but salvation is clarified, simplified and presented in the gospel ... and gospel means 'good news.' People in the world today want to live long and try to live forever. Wouldn't a guaranteed life forever be astounding and great news—for this is the good news of the gospel!

Perhaps you think it needs to be more complicated than that. But obtaining salvation requires faith and the gospel as spelled out has a simple solution that comes through the work of another being [Messiah]. If you accept that as truth and let this knowledge set you free, then you can be assured that you are saved for what comes next ... and if so, you are on your way!

If you have not yet read through the pages that relate to making a Step Up To Life, then now might be a good time! Work your way through the steps and you'll see the gospel emerge ...

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