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Messianic Theses

A Plain Language Thought from the Window

Historical Fact: On October 31, 1517 one man challenged errant religious thinking to say 'the Church had it wrong' ... Martin Luther posted what are today called the "95 Theses" and these are the basis for a reform movement.

Today, we are saying 'The church,' generically speaking, still has traditions and teachings that are misguided and serve as distractions from the Hebraic roots of biblical faith.

We need to step back and take a look an how present errant thinking robs us of a vital perspective on truth. Luther had a decent idea, but we are going one step further for Hebrew biblical accuracy. Also, the word 'church' here refers to a common, modern, religious institutional handling of the Bible. This could be focused on a particular teacher, form of instruction, teaching, printed resource, other media, denominational approach, or other source. We aren't being all inclusive, but ... A NEW set of Messianic Theses is needed because today many Jewish and Gentile Bible believers have missed a bold face understanding of what the Bible really says ... in plain language ... so, like Luther, we need to present a course correction. What the book says, literally, and not what people tell you it means, is the reason for the Messianic Theses ...

At this point you might want to simply read a new list of 95 Hebraic - Messianic points! However, we offer this page and the table below as a starting point ...

If have an idea for a Messianic Thesis and wish to share it ... click on the notepad link below and send us a comment. You may be one of the contributers to the list of 95 ... and we welcome all potential submissions.


21: The name Yeshua means ...

22: Replacement theology is not biblical ...

23: Gentiles profit more in discovering Messiah in the Passover as opposed to the traditional observation called 'Easter.'









Read the Bible: MKJV of Hebrew (Tanach) and Greek (Brit Chadeshah); plus other translations added as available.

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