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Science Master List

Introduction - Video


Thesis on Science

A) Astronomy, Universe, Solar System, & Life

Astronomy and Evidence from the Beginning

Living On A Privileged Planet

Old or Young Earth — 15 Billion Years in 6 Days

Life on Mars

Dr. Schroeder on Big Bang

How Do We Explain the Universe?


B) Darwin, Naturalism, Proponents, & Doubts

Humanity's Thinking — Shifts Over Time — and Darwin's Dilemma

Darwin's Doubts

Have You Met Darwin

Bulldogs and Advocates Declare Fiction is Fact--But Why?

Material Naturalism

When Science Fails to Communicate


C) Life, Origins, Fossils, Evolution

Thermodynamics and the Molecules of Life

Chemical Origins — Yes or No — What Does the Evidence Show

Neo-Darwinism and the Age of Genetics

Time Required for Macroevolution to Occur

There's a Difference — Macro- vs. Micro-Evolution

The 'Standard Story' on Evolution

The Lineage of Life Forms — Tree of Life or Not?

Classification of a Hierarchy — No Ancestral Lines

Transitional Intermediates — In Fossils or Life Forms Today

Fossils — The Rapid Appearance of Life

Cambrian Overview

Interesting Comments On Dinosaur Evolution

Dr. Schroeder on Evolution

Stasis — Genome Repair — A Counter Point to Mutation?

Extinction and Time

Dr. Schroeder on Existence

PBS on evolution and free book on critical thinking skills

D) DNA, Genes, Molecules, Cells & Information

Chance — Probability Alone Should End the Debate

Embryos Tell a Different Story — Often Not Mentioned by Science

Genes in Action — Mystery Link: from Genetic Information to Cell Structure and Function

Death — Evolution or Design?

Molecular Evidence

Biochemical Molecular Machines — by Cellular Design

Evolution and the Environment

DNA and Information

Reflections — Parallels and Evidence for Design in Cells

Video: Programming of Life

E) Design in Nature

Intelligent Design

Meyer Video Interview on 'Darwin's Doubt'

An Explanatory Filter

More Than Intelligent Design — Testing a New Hypothesis

Yale Symposium 2000

Irreducible Complexity

Complexity is more than Cilium, Flagellum

Complex Examples — Videos — Cells, Life, & Features

Reflections -- Evidence for Design in Cells

Feather, Eye, Mind, Metamorphosis, etc.

Icons Of Evolution

The Wedge and Phillip Johnson — The Legal Implications

Video: Programming of Life

Dr. Ayala Calls ID blasphemy!

Short Window Video on Design

F) Science and Apologetics

Science and Apologetics

Science and Scripture

Frequently asked questions

Facts That Changed Three Minds

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, Ben Stein and Intelligent Design

A Biologist Examines the Book of Mormon


G) Time, Change, Environment

Science Along the Time Line

Global Change and Ominous Signs


H) ARCHIVE: ARN articles on:

Peppered Moths



Intelligent Design

Explanatory Filter

10 Questions on Evolution

10 Questions on Intelligent Design

What is Darwinism

RNA World Critique

Evolution As Dogma


I) Resources:

Science Book List

Web Links

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