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Convergence Narrative

A Few Words About WindowView

If you are reading this page, you at least have access to a computer, or mobile device, and the Internet. This is the only way to get to this virtual window. Beyond that, you can read and with that are able to gather ideas, concepts, facts, fictions, even misinformation, and if fortunate enough, you are one who is filtering and discerning … you think … but what do you see? We are ALL on a 'thought journey' called life—only because of a consciousness that in itself is a wonder to comprehend or explain. Here you are!

Where This Starts

WindowView started in the late 1970s. A plant physiologist, at an annual science meeting, stated that in the near future the wheat growing region of North America would migrate further into Canada. The Opuntia cactus growing region of Mexico would follow and move northward into the United States. That was one of the first occasions climate change was acknowledged to the hearing of this writer, the Director of WindowView. Science observations led to such a statement anticipating a future change in the earth's climate and our planet's life support systems. The shift in latitude for these growing regions means a HUGE change would occur. Not just in food production, but in all the relationships tied to change. There are agronomic, social, economic, and other factors. While not considered anything more than a remark made on the lighter side then, today we see ominous changes that in fact are perturbing a complex of global relationships at all levels.

Science and the power of observation, objective review, and educated well informed conclusions based on data … this is the springboard for the comment on change then, and it is the core platform on which the WindowView is built now. Science started a series of thoughts in one area to be joined by thoughts that progressed to other domains within the human experience.

Our consciousness is worth questioning, exploring and seeking well reasoned answers. Sitting quietly in a darkened living room in the wee hours of he morning, the body seems to drop into the subdued background leaving the opportunity to have the mind request: "Why this?"

A thought is so immaterial and yet most everything we relate to is material. So more questions come and WE all ask … why life, why me, why now? How did it get started? And the material being wants a material answer and THAT is exactly what many scientists have done throughout history. Philosophers may break the material mold to explore into the 'greater beyond,' but it's the longstanding story on origins that gets to us.

Science is the second "How it got started" but this time more in making a refined view on how life originated. And a recent review of the data is cause for a true awakening.

Finally, the idea that humans have a sense of something spiritual and then launch off onto spiritual seeking journeys was worth a look. In this case, science seminars, talk of research, shallow material focus—as if science was all the experience we'd ever need—led to a bit of a look elsewhere. But then scientific training, like 'Detective Skills 101,' came into play. The filter applied to theism was "it's okay as long as it didn't get flaky, surreal, dogmatic, or bizarre." What then is real in this domain? Reality is in question! That led to asking if there was a logic and a factual basis to be used in this realm. Assess the apologetic. The science training demanded a weeding out of fact from fiction. What is the evidence, where is it found, and where does it lead? So, maybe science was the start to a 'responsible look' at theism.

Three Realms Might Converge

The real start of building a window view comes with the desire to be objective and with the observation that global change was progressive, after study of biblical information as information there was another time-based progression to consider, and finally the awareness of defining life's origin(s) had a fact finding, research based, progression of its own. And all three movements seemed to say that at some point everything would hit simultaneously. But in the 70s, then 80s, and early 90s, the "everything" that hits was still not well defined—but getting clearer. Now you are here to join in the process of considering humanity's future.

The writing of a book manuscript was merely a way to work out ideas on paper. You can access the book here, but the real story on humanity approaching a crossroads in time was yet to be more fully realized.

Yes, global change, our understanding of life's origin, and seeing the Bible's prerecorded chronology of events aligning with the unfolding story in the Middle East all move humanity to a historic crossroads—choice or crisis. But seeing the real momentum taking us in that direction accelerated as humanity passed into the new millennium.

As you read this, we can only speak of the horizon viewed from the window. Along the timeline, at this web site, there is a description of events yet to come. The chronology is the series of events that take place at that horizon. But as with any approaching horizon, there is more to see beyond. Perhaps it's just enough to realize the three major scenarios viewed here are in fact part of the reality we experience. And that brings us to a decision point concerning our own lives. The window illustrates the momentum going forward and the decision making is up to you.

To The Critics

WindowView is not presented in a vacuum. We recognized that there is diversity of thought in the world. Some of the topics presented here are countered by heavy duty criticism elsewhere on the web, in print, or by way of the popular media. Study in various other areas and with added resources may be called for … so you can discern fact from misinformation. That's fine, we encourage it! Just remember, when you see counterpoint or criticism, ask, look, determine if there are assumptions being applied.

Dig into what is behind the criticism. Most often you will find a short coming, factual flaw, or even unfounded dogma or opinion. If you want to make a decision that has eternal consequences, you'll need accurate information … skepticism, presumption, and faulty logic need not apply!

We are not going to say the presentation here is perfect. It may appear on first look to carry a bias, but we too have been testing, assessing and refining the view to what is out there. For this very reason, the window is based on several vantage points, several perspectives applied simultaneously. This process reinforces a bigger picture view. While others debate details, the big picture is really most telling. Step back, take a look, and the debates over the minutia become insignificant and the momentum moving us forward becomes obvious.

WindowView Associates

This web page is not the product of one person. Some writings come with bylines, thus acknowledging those who are an "associate" and a contributor to WindowView. Because of the nature of some issues, contentious as they may be, some contributors simply desire anonymity—others are merely modest. But then every effort is made to use outside sources, give credit for published work, and to honor copyrights and intellectual resources of others. We have sought permission to use the work of others and will hope others will do the same with respect to this web site. In total, WindowView associates include professional scientists, theists, and others who contribute ideas, donations, photographs, printed resources, and more. As Director, I simply coordinate and organize what you see—especially because the window reveals that humanity is headed toward a convergence in the future. That others agree, has led to help from willing minds and hands.


For all that is noted above, the window's original theme of humanity making a paradigm shift, and the realization that God really is in ALL the details, has itself been shifted to the notion that our entire life experience has a unity to it, and that what some assume cannot be, is really an experience where "Science and Scripture [are] in Harmony."

Director's Note

The web pages here have been written, composed, developed and organized, formatted and reformatted, since the mid 90s. A recent update to the site's organization and content has initiated another effort to assess the site such that updates to technical content and other improvements will arrive in the coming months. In the past we had a comment page that was abused, but now with a newly employed comment feature in place, we encourage feedback, ideas, and if you see a typo or wording problem, let us know … send a comment! And you can do so anonymously if you like.

The realization that Change, Science, and a Harmony help to resolve a focus on a origin, reason, and purpose for our life … is the reason for this window. We hope you find this valuable and perhaps life changing!

T. Peterson, Ph.D., Director

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