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Science Area

Access Research Network Document

Frequently Asked Questions on Intelligent Design (PDF 101 K)

Ten Questions to Ask Your Biology Teacher About Intelligent Design

Yale University Symposium Program Document:
Science and Evidence for Design in the Universe
This link downloads a PDF file of about 350 k

Symposium held November 2 - 4, 2000

WindowView Thanks the Rivendell Institute for permission
to provide this PDF reproduction of their symposium's program.

Meyers' Response to Critics of Signature in the Cell

Free Book
Drs. Thaxton, Bradley and Olsen assess many life origin from chemical scenarios and find problems ... a scientific review of each set of early earth conditions is covered in this text.
(PDF document 67 MB)

William Paley's Full Length Book (text only):

Natural Theology (published 1802)

Natural Theology (the original watchmaker arguement for intelligent design)
(PDF document 1.2 MB)

Discovery Institute's Full Length Book (published 2001)

Free Viewer's Guide to PBS special telecast on Evolution
(PDF document 370K)

Discovery Institute's ID Briefing Package

Briefing Package on Intelligent Design (1 MB PDF)

Meyers' Response to Critics of Signature in the Cell

Free Book
Dr. Meyer responds to critics—some of whom obvviously wrote reviews of the 'Signature in the Cell' book without having a clear reading of the text.
(PDF document 1.4 MB)

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Change Area

TV Transcript on Global Change

Click here on 'Earth On Edge' to view or download the entire transcript [as PDF file; 136 K] of this Bill Moyers-PBS special on global change [transcript is non-copyrighted material and is also available at]

World Resources 1992-1993 [PDF B&W 14 MB]

See World Resources page with more info and alternate download link for this now web released report (Note: we provide a link here to a Acrobat reduced file size of same report).

Chapters to the Millennium Assessment - Assessments:

CONTENTS, 1. concept, 2. analysis, 3. drivers, 4. biodiversity, 5. ecology, 6. document 275, 7. water, 8. food, 9. timber, 10. document 279, 11. biodiversity, 12. nutrients, 13. air, 14. disease, 15. waste, 16. hazards, 17. culture, 18. marine fisheries, 19. coastal waters, 20. inland water, 21. forest, 22. dryland, 23. islands, 24. mountains, 25. polar areas, 26. cultivation, 27. urban, 28. synthesis, APPENDICES

Chapters to the Millennium Assessment - Scenarios:

CONTENT, 1. concept, 2. scenarios, 3. ecology, 4. simulating change, 5. eco scenarios, 6. method, 7. drivers, 8. scenarios, 9. ecological services, 10. biodiversity, 11. human wellbeing, 12. interactions, 13. lessons learned, 14. policy, APPENDICES

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Chapters for The Creator's Window

Note: The current eBook (PDF) version of the Creator's Window is a Draft 2nd edition and is copyrighted (© 2000 WindowView) with the Library of Congress. The content of any draft chapter is subject to change and current content only reflects research and writing dated to 1996. Some graphics may also be missing from draft chapters. Third edition chapters will eventually replace the current draft chapters.

You may freely share any of the files that appear here as long as is credited as the source.

Title Page and Table of Contents

Introduction 48k

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Appendix A - Rebuilding the Temple

Appendix B - Yeshua's timeline 44k


References 40k

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Harmony Area

Jesus Was A Jew [PDF 5.5MB]
Full Book by Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum

Talmudic Evidence for Messiah [PDF 623 KB]

Christianity in the Talmud and Midrash

1903 book by R. Travers Herford
The author is cited as a Unitarian scholar, yet this writing has broader Christian and biblical implications that spill over into a truly Messianic centered witness.
This book considers evidence of rabbinical writings about the Messiah in the Talmud [PDF 15 MB]

Smith article - Dispelling Muslim Myths About the Gospel

Bridge Diagram

Step Up To Life

In Yeshua (this WindowView version - English)

Wanted Poster

Dangerous Airwaves

Article concerning teachings of Harold Camping and how misguided communications can mislead one to false information on what the Bible states as truth. [PDF 184 kbytes]

Timeline and Convergence Area

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