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Harmony Articles Part I
Jewish Roots to Messiah and the LORD's Will

This portion of the Harmony Area offers articles that span topics from the discovery from the Hebrew Scriptures of the true identity of the Jewish Messiah to knowing the God of Israel from His nature, will and intent for everyone—Jew and Gentile together.

Specific titles for additional articles are found in Parts II and III.

Here are a few points covered in the articles listed here

I found myself asking so many questions! Why was this great secret not shared? Was it not shared because the rabbis didn't know how to share it? Or, that's just not something we share? Or, is it because that's their religion and this is ours?

There was this sense of betrayal and simultaneously a zeal to get this information — to find out and put the missing pieces back in — but in hind sight that just seems to pale in comparison to what I'm discovering today. (from Bonnie's Discovery)

The second miracle concerns the crimson strip or cloth tied to the Azazel goat. A portion of this red cloth was also removed from the goat and tied to the Temple door. Each year the red cloth on the Temple door turned white as if to signify the atonement of another Yom Kippur was acceptable to the Lord. This annual event happened until 30 CE when the cloth then remained crimson each year to the time of the Temple's destruction. (from Talmudic Evidence for the Messiah at 30 C.E.)

6. The fifty-third chapter of Isaiah identifies this sacrifice as a man who was rejected by his people, yet whose death provided the ultimate atonement. (from Principles You Should Know ... )

This is a hint... a glimpse of the 'Heart of God.'

God made man to resemble Himself. He blessed His creation. He loved man—giving us a place in His plan—a good place.

Yet we know man sinned, thus distancing and separating himself from God. (from Heart of God Part I)

God yearns for His people, those He promised and chose to be His people. He supplied a shepherd for His people. One to lead them to protection and provision — to lead them to rest and reward. He doesn’t let them wander in the dark. (from Heart of God Part II)

First, we observe that science confirms that we live because of special circumstances. Evidence for an intelligence behind our being here does in fact present itself to us. ... Second, Scripture tells us a lot about existence, as does science, but in an entirely different way. And now it gets personal. ... The promise is ... (from The Promise)


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