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Jew and Gentile Together


Art by R. Chanin

Start here with a ''Dave and Todd Dialog'' that considers a relationship that is of key important to understanding this part of the Window View!

''It's time to have a bit of a dialog here. This should make for conversational reading! There are three key questions we will entertain here. First, what is a Gentile? Second, what is a Jew? And third, why 'Together?' ''

Filling a Gap Between Covenants

There is a period of biblical writings that lead right up to the time of Malachi. For the Hebrews there may seem to be nothing but history to follow. But after a period of about 400 years other Jewish scribes wrote additional scriptural texts ... a new covenant promised by no less than Jeremiah the prophet.

Was there a gap between scriptural texts? Was there actually a set of consistent events providing continuity between the covenants... read another in our series of 'Dave and Todd Dialogs' on Continuity. This fills a gap in time with key events and God's presence.

Dialog on Continuity


Ibex in Israel's Negev

Science provides evidence, but this is not all that supports a logic leading to faith for Jew and Gentile alike. Here are scriptural principles that extend beyond the apologetic presented elsewhere in the WindowView.

If you have not considered the underlying biblical and historical links between the identity of the person we have routinely called Yeshua and the Messiah of Israel, then we encourage you to return to Chapter 15 of the Creator's Window.

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The following links lead to a self contained section presenting a series of feature articles that demonstrate examples of:

''Here we turn our sights in a unique direction to observe some of the many examples of history in which the interaction of Jews and Gentiles have led to a most beneficial outcome. That coming-together is for the purpose of solving a real need of some sort, and the outcome is invariably most positive, often far beyond the original need!''

Main Harmony


Ruth and Naomi

Joseph and Pharaoh

and Reuel

Elijah and the Widow

Elisha and Na'Aman

Daniel and the King

Esther and
the King of Persia

We are emphasizing the interaction between two specific people groups simply because this is so often ignored, yet, being aware of a key relationship makes way for a most important message that applies to all peoples.

The message is illustrated by the principles outlined in a following section. The principles are as old as the oldest biblical texts, yet as new as the new covenant promised by Jeremiah. Put the old and new together and there is yet another greater harmony.

Overall, the messenger (Israel) was always intended to carry the message to the Nations (Gentiles), but history reveals that at many twists and turns in time result in Nations reflecting the message to themselves and even back to the messenger! To see the messenger again, in the future, picking up and carrying the banner to the world you may like to review the chapters in the fourth and final part of the Creator's Window (the third feature area of Window View).

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To further illustrate the connection between the source of the message and the fact that both Israel and the Nations are equally the recipients of God's words, we present a number of feature articles that reflect God's message through the themes offered by specific biblical High Holy Days. What we hope you walk away with is the impression—in spite of any specific terms or Jewish or Gentile spin in any section of the message—that the net result is something revealed here truly cuts across perceived barriers and applies to everyone on planet earth.

The material you are about to read is unique and found nowhere else in the printed media or on the Internet. We are certain, at the very least, you will be provoked to think about and reflect on the quality and nature of your life experience. Perhaps different perspectives are revealed here. They are validated by your exploration and by the logic and foundation built from within. Now is the time to broaden the view! Our expectation is that you will be enriched, challenged, and perhaps even changed by what you read.

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