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Reality IS

A Plain Language Thought from the Window

The Harmony Area joins into a larger view based on Science and Change.

The Window's main underlying purpose is to highlight evidence from science that reveals life is not simply natural with what is evidence for the super natural. Furthermore ... Change in the world today begs us to reflect on the value of life and why it is so valuable. A well reasoned look at a bigger field of view pulls reality into a context that is defined by the diversity of data and evidence we have before us. Unfortunately, too often in this day of information, humans study too much about a very little area of knowledge and then use that limited focus to define reality overall.

The reality to life is based on a special paradigm. This working model for life says we are not alive by chance. Evidence for the God of Israel being real, is right there in front of all of us ... Israel exists because He is existent ... and that fact is merely the tip of evidence for what the reality of life IS.

Living our lives with this reality puts us face to face with and at odds with the perception that the material world is the only true reality.

In the material world, it is from nature that life arises and returns. Life is spontaneously created, evolves by some unguided process that has no real explanation for itself, nor can we explain how an unguided process creates designed life products. The assumptions lead us to assume life brings life and death is the end of it ... period.

Clearly something outside the material framework is making life a reality. So learning about the material world and what lies beyond the material experience makes the big picture clear.

Ro 1:20 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse, (NKJV)

If we are short sighted or rest on mere assumption, then we are short changed and the full extent of truth is blinded. How often do we press our questions? Do we just accept everything on face value? What if the authoritative source we are hearing has used assumptions?

Reality is nature (physical laws) plus a material base (flesh) plus the presence of a spiritual aspect and an intelligence that made the universe from a mere thought—from an apparent nothing into something. Scripture blatantly tells us He holds it all together ... and the cosmologists are still trying to figure out how the universe works ... because they still can't find all of it (so to speak). And the grandeur of the cosmos, as the Bible tells us, is a testimony to who God is ... and that we live on a wee speck in space does not diminish this truth ... this only amplifies how remarkable it is to be us in the expanse of it all.

Reality is, what is so ordinary to the every day existence ... is not ordinary at all. We just live the illusion that it's ordinary and our material perception is this is all there is ... when in fact, this life is not all there is or ever will be ... if we find Him.

Finding Him means opening the door to life beyond this life ... that is what reality IS.

If you explore it, accept it, understand it, you are with the greater reality and that is by design. If not, you will not be carried forward, saved, alive in eternity ... and that is the consequence of not seeing reality for what it IS.

Life is the opportunity to see the difference and live like it is so.

"Reality is the PLAN, NOT assumptions." [How about you?]

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