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Yale Symposium on
Intelligent Design

A significant symposium was held on the campus of Yale University during November 2 to 4, 2000. A remarkable group of speakers gathered to broaden the base of a growing 'movement' that today is commonly associated with the term 'Intelligent Design.' Here you can view the program from the symposium and even listen to selected talks (see listing below)!

We see this symposium as a significant milestone in an era when more and more discussion will focus on the topic of life's origins and most importantly serve to confine evolution to only what the data truly support (without being trapped by assumption or long standing material or philosophical bias).

This symposium focuses on science data and not religion—as is so often the cry of the critics. And yes, the Yale symposium was hosted by The Rivendell Institute for Christian Thought and Learning and cosponsored by The Discovery Institute, the Yale Law School Forum on Cultural and Academic Freedom, and by Yale Students for Christ.

To separate the hosts from the scientific content requires that you listen for yourself to what the speakers have to say! Due to academic bias, it took the above cited organizations to spearhead an effort to get a vital discussion rolling.

You will be surprised by the reasonable and thoughtful science that is entertained here. And in this is the delight of thinking both freely and with a critical eye to what the data reveal to us!

We applaud the event, but note that previous symposiums, as well as others to come, will expand the discussion. This event is truly at the root of future debates that promise to shift the educational foundation here in the United States and furthermore around the world.

Symposium Program and Audio Presentations

Use the following link to view and download a PDF file that is the document outlining the symposium's schedule and information on many of the speakers.

File Link: Yale Symposium Program November 2000 (in Acrobat PDF format) Science and Evidence for Design in the Universe
WindowView Thanks the Rivendell Institute for permission
to provide this PDF reproduction of their symposium's program

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Listen to Selected Talks and Q & A Sessions
Sessions from the Yale 2000 Symposium!

In spite of all the criticism about intelligent design, listening to the proceedings of this symposium — held at Yale University — concerning design in our universe, leaves us with science in mind. Religion and creationism are side topics at best ... listen!

When you finally realize that science has something to say about the validity for evidence supporting design, then, and thereafter no critic of intelligent design can assert any weight or credibility. The floor is open for discussion on design, regardless of what the skeptics want you to believe!

Friday, November 3, 2000

Dr. Michael Behe

Listen To: "Half Full or Half Empty?: Design Critics and Proponents Analyze the Same Data"

Dr. Steve Meyer

Listen To: "DNA and Design"

Drs. Michael Behe and Steve Meyer

Listen To: Question and Answers Time

Saturday, November 4, 2000

Dr. Steve Meyer

Listen To: "The Cambrian Biota: Not What Darwin Expected" (Part I)

Dr. Paul Chien

Listen To: "The Cambrian Biota: Not What Darwin Expected" (Part II)

Drs. Paul Nelson and Jonathan Wells

Listen To: "The Origin of Animal Body Plans: Starting at the Top"

Dr. William Lane Craig

Listen To: "Fine - Tuning of the Universe and Cosmic Design"

Dr. David Berlinski

Listen To: "On Assessing Genetic Algorithms"

Drs. Berlinski and Craig

Listen To: Questions and Answers Time

Link: Bookmarks - Questions about the ICONs of Evolution
(examples from Dr. Wells Yale Symposium presentation!)

Link: View a listing of topics and articles by many of the authors and speakers who presented at the Yale Symposium:Science Area Main Menu

Click on this link (WindowView BookList) if you are interested in buying copies of the books recently published by speakers at this symposium. With regard to this event, we especially recommend recent titles by:

Dr. Michael Behe's Darwin's Black Box

Prof. Phillip Johnson's Darwin on Trial and The Wedge of Truth

Dr. Jonathan Wells' Icons of Evolution

Clearly, these titles and others that over time have followed them continue to an impact on our country's educational system, politics, religious discussions, and the way scientific data is interpreted.

Each author asks for an objective view in spite of traditional arguments or past practice. Reality must be defined through an objective consideration of the evidence. Exploring these titles will open your eyes! We should not blindly follow trends or beliefs that are not based on sound reasoning. So, what do the data have to tell us? Intelligent Design is one arena where a review of the data promises to change the way we look at our world!

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