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Overview on Change

• The window's scenario on CHANGE is unlike anything else—with this ... a unique insight appears through a combination of scientific data and established scriptural information.

• CHANGE is a harbinger, a warning, for events yet to come for reasons many do not anticipate.

OVERVIEW in BRIEF: Humanity is now directed by global forces to a known future chronology of events—forcing us, anew, to reflect on our existence—global change provides a driving force in that direction.

Are You Looking Closely?

Looking at change, current scientific data point to significant global trends—the view is broad, awesome, even ominous. Meanwhile, humans are lulled into thinking 'change' is merely a given reality. The data compel broad acceptance, but at times arouse contentious debate about cause and consequences.

Regardless of reactions, the data are definitive. Scientists are illustrating problems of great concern.

Transition Connections

The window's view reaches forward to events that Scripture describes—definitively.

This looks to the 'other side' of an issue most people do not see! Here is an opportunity to examine current conditions and look ahead to the distant horizon. The transition on this planet, from past to future, from science to Scripture, brings an awakening—if you are looking!

A Glance at Changes Today

The reality to ongoing change and mounting consequences comes by a sober look at the evidence that is in plain sight! Global (including climate) changes lead to a complex and perplexing matrix of change, including, but not limited to:

• global economic turmoil, shortages, conflicts

• shifts in political control, consumption, waste, famine, diseases

• trends that draw down humanity's food, drinking water, security, resources, reserves, and future material wellbeing

• a ring of earthquake damage circling the earth, fire, floods, drought, extreme weather events

• loss of trees, vegetation, biodiversity through man, nature, or extinction

The academic dialog and scientific concern for change started over four decades ago ... and now, if consequences become irreversible ... what then? Who has answers to save us from the global heat, unrest, damage, and turmoil? A more detailed answer to this question follows on the next page.

The impacts are great: There are more humans today than ever before. Humans consume more, deplete more, and generate more waste—no other species does this. Mounting pressures from all change factors pose a potential threat to the future of all life on earth.

Troubling perspectives come into view due to humanity's dysfunctional and fragmented state—nation against nation—competing national interests divide us. Humanity speaks to the problem, but meaningful collaboration, extensive coordination, and an international unified response does not materialize. Not really! It just has not happened, nor will it! Why be so confident this is the case going forward? The answer comes with what the window reveals about the future. A good starting point is seeing global changes in motion.

The evidence now: the current momentum to change ...

There is nothing more powerful than pictures. The time lapse image in the movie above is a composite of photos gathered by Google and While we at WindowView have been thinking in terms of the material and global impacts of change for several decades ... nothing brings the message home like the images from the desert (Dubai), a receding glacier (Columbia Glacier), deforestation in the tropics (The Amazon), the reduction of a water source as a city grows (Las Vegas). These are only a few examples ... a mere reflection of change across the entire planet.

Seeing and Merging Multiple Perspectives

With moving images in mind, driving forces are visible in action. The resultant changes— varied, multiple and simultaneous— form a complex global dilemma. The perspectives on change impact our thinking about our material existence, concern for survival, and stir questions about the value to life—even to thinking beyond material dimensions. The key scenario on Change, starts with scientific evidence and adds perspectives of relevance from Scripture. This is but one facet of what is in the window because other key scenarios for other perspectives—Science, Harmony, Time—merge to complete the entire WindowView.

Shifting Forward to a Scriptural View

The Scriptures refer to both past and future events rooted in a material, natural, and earthly context. This makes perfect sense because the intended audience is all humanity.

A Prior Transition Point

Historical biblical events, such as the plagues upon Pharaoh's Egypt, are acts of God through enhanced natural events. Darkness, frogs, thunder, hail, locusts, flies, etc., all fit within a natural and material framework. What makes these events exceptional and unique is that they are specified and come in sequence for a reason. You can read the text of Exodus (chapters 7 to 10) to see how these events were announced and implemented. Not by chance, more than just natural events, an intelligence put these in motion on purpose.

In this case, the Hebrew people transitioned from worldly domination to a new relationship and new freedoms. This exodus has a future parallel.

The Next Global Transition

Similar transition events are slated for the future—call them environmental types because they point to something beyond nature. These 'types' are a result of human events yet to come. How humanity tries to counter change is described next.

A Coming One-World Government

The future picture for 'Scripture-based Change' involves political, commercial, material, and spiritual elements. This is described in more detail on the Thesis page (and outlined on the Timeline), but for the moment let's look at this in general terms.

Scripture provides a chronology of future events that include a consolidation of all governments into a one-world government. Already the world has experienced a tendency to promoting a single global currency, consolidation of trading blocks, and economic vulnerabilities and dependencies that draw nations to accepting a global framework. Europe, on a regional basis, has already made a step that direction.

Examples of organized blocks of nations with a title and regional economic focus include: EU (European Union), NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agreement, OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries), ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations), SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation), MERCOSUR (Mercado Comun del Cono Sur, also known as Southern Common Markets (SCCM)) and the African Union.

The reasons for forging the future government may link, in part, to the persistent and escalating threat posed by changes we see now—social, economic, and environmental. Further, other influences contribute to the larger story and these appeal to human desires, beliefs, ambitions, materialism, and self-importance. There are more than mere hints to this in Scripture.

At the horizon, regarding change and ominous consequences, humanity may rationalize the urgent adoption of global governance as a necessity for survival. At some point a strong leader emerges—someone to 'save us.' Following this leader comes with giving up certain freedoms at a very personal price. The promise of a global solution ultimately exerts control over individuals.

The view is complex. Extending the prospects for sustainable life on earth is not simply the heart of the matter—there is more to what Scripture reports. Yet, growing ominous environmental shifts are one reason a world anxious for solutions, for survival, would quickly adopt the global government.

The window's perspective teases out a specific focal point from all global activities in the future. The focus is on data for today blending into human behaviors that are already trending toward the biblical picture. A single powerful global government comes with larger issues, including who takes power and how humanity goes along with other worldly, religious, and materialistic influences. That becomes part of a larger study.

A Look Back

Once upon a time, pure waters filled each handful dipped from any stream on this Earth, but few water sources exist in such a state today. Concerning humans, Clovis Man comes to mind, and they entered the North American continent in a pristine state thus experiencing something incredible, pure, and awesome.

A Look Forward

Today, no place on the planet's surface is untouched by pollution — traces or heavy infestations extend to land, water and air. The signature of human activity is global ... over every square inch. We don't know the pristine past of this place, but once it was as organic and fresh as a newly made creation.

For now, the idea here is Change sets a stage for a larger story—even larger than the influences of today's global change. This is a specific point contributed to the view on Convergence—the summary view—of all window scenarios.

Next Steps

The 'Thesis' page is more specific, perhaps a bit more technical. Just keep in mind documented sources are pulled together to present the thesis. Further, click on the 'All Articles' link and you'll be presented with a menu of articles that examine number of supporting perspectives.

Change: Thesis Page

T. Peterson, Ph.D., Editor

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