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Change Master List

Introduction / Video


Thesis on Change 

A) Complexity to Global Change:

Change Matrix

Illustrating the
Matrix of Changes

Climate for a Tribulation


B) Forces and Perspectives on Change:


Climate Change

Raven Reflects on Sustainability




Global Ocean Currents Cease

Resource Consumption



Humanity and Global Change



Questions That Remain  

Download Chapters: Millennium Assessment


C) Change Transition Series:

Carbon Spike

Extinction Spike

Consumption Spike

Population Spike

World Scientists' Warning

Climate Change

Accelerating Change

Surprise Attacks

Threats to Survival

Control of Information


Conflicts Ahead


D) Storm Warning Series:

Storm Warnings Everywhere

Global Problems Gathering Storms

Tension Over Time - Science to Scripture

Warning: Moral Decay & Being Deceived

The Psychology of the Times

Does Peace Come Now?

Missing Connection Life's Purpose

Famine, Disease, & the Horseman

The Toll We Pay—War and Spike of Deaths

The Four Horsemen and Final Change



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