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Many decades ago, before the media latched onto climate change, scientists began to openly describe concerns for change on multiple levels, not just climate change alone-see the historic scientists' warning.

We use the tern 'global change,' because this helps recognize the all inclusive nature to change. To get the idea, we include change in temperature, melting glaciers, sea level rise, but also what is happening to world economies, use of resources (mineral, soil, water, plants, animals), population increase, commensurate increase in life style demands, resulting waste, impacts of the information age, loss of indigenous peoples, control of the media, shifts in morality, political movements, terrorism, and much more.

The matrix is a game changer!

In some respects the menu listing, at the left, may seem a bit fragmented. But that is the point, change is made up of many elements that at first may seem unrelated. Think in terms of a matrix of change and then simply look at the nightly news on TV, listen to the radio, or read the newspaper.

One way to illustrate the interconnections of the matrix is by examining some of the information provided by the biological, environmental, and social sciences. The Millennium Assessment (and even related publications) are represented here to give background and to illustrate the complexity to change. You can access the assessment reports here to explore further. The reports are a lot of reading, but just a quick look at the listing of issues and topic areas makes the point!

Our survival is at stake!

In the years to come, the impact of a multitude of changes will unsettle the physical well being of humans on planet earth. We are not directly addressing biblical prophecy here, but an ordinary examination of the array of elements to change verge on the prophetic. Elsewhere in the window we do consider biblical "environmental types," but the more relevant take home message to the immensity of the problems related to global change comes with the notion that material changes in the world will have us asking spiritual questions. What is this existence, our value, and purpose to life?

In this context, how will we respond to massive changes on planet Earth? Going "green" isn't enough ... not the whole answer!

And if a purpose, what is it?


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