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Jew and Gentile Together

Life and Relationships

Art by R. Chanin

What is Your Relationship with the Creator?

We all walk the face of this earth for a time. The Bible records the relationships, lives, and walks of many before us. Carl Foltz writes a somewhat poetic, rhythmic, account in prose of what it was like to come to know the Heart of God. For those of us not well studied in the Bible's verses, this is a panoramic account of many of the key biblical figures who appear along the Bible's time line. Encounter familiar names and take a moment to reflect that their encounters in life brought them...

To Know the Heart of God

When God made man, He made him in His own likeness. He blessed man.

''So Elohim created man in His own image, in the image of Elohim created He him; Male and female created He them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.'' (Genesis 5: 1-2)

This is a hint... a glimpse of the 'Heart of God.'

When time was right, Yochannan was sent to prepare the way. To turn the hearts of God's people back to Him... or at least, just enough to let them be aware Messiah would soon arrive, for He was coming. (Matthew 2:6)

''...for out of you will come a ruler who will be the shepherd of My people, Israel.''

God yearns for His people, those He promised and chose to be His people. He supplied a shepherd for His people. One to lead them to protection and provision — to lead them to rest and reward.

Part Two - Now Face to Face

These articles are a bit lengthy to read online, so feel free to print them for a quiet and reflective reading after you've returned home from cyberspace!

Get To Know God's Rules To Living Life

Chances are you have heard there are lots of laws (613!) that God put before Israel back on Mt. Sinai—along with those 10 commandments we keep hearing about. The Jewish community talks about Torah and following the covenant put before Israel. But what really is the Torah and how many laws are really needed? Is Torah really law, like the kind we think of in secular society, or is there something else of importance here?

And if Jews have Torah, what then of the Gentiles?

Take a minute to read another one of our 'Dave and Todd Dialogs' that addresses the role of Torah, what this is to us today, and how Jews and Gentiles can both approach God with two key commandments.

A Dialog on Torah, Law, Teachings

Now for something completely different... Fun, but really different, too!

...we'd like to introduce Mr. Burt Rosenberg...and get out your funny bone because your going to need it here... Yes, this is the guy whose been on network TV

...ya gotta also look out for words ya never heard before cause when Burt don't know exactly the right word... well he makes up better words than you and I got already...

come on in and listen to... well read...
our dialog with Burt Rosenberg...

and if you like this guy we'll give you links to find him elsewhere on the web! This is a WindowView exclusive... believe me... this is great stuff!

Spritzin' Joy with Burt's JoySeminars

An almost live dialog with Burt and its really juicy, too!


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Making a Commitment to Living in God's Presence

If you have worked through the first three main feature areas of this web site, then you are seeing evidence build for the existence of a designing intelligence, a creator, and a God of all. How does one approach a relationship with this supreme intelligence? What are the steps that identify your current relationship with God? Perhaps you are getting to know the Heart of God. You sense there is a relationship you can have. Take a moment to see what steps you can make to have a truly personal relationship:

Step Up To Life

WindowView Version Adopted from SUTL by Elmer Murdoch

Intermarried Relationships

The Relationship That Is More Than Jewish and Gentile People Getting Along

A Dialog with Scott Brown and Dr. Peterson

This dialog on intermarried couples reveals something more profound about relationships than simply in marriage—this speaks to all of us, even singles. The body of issues addressed may offer an opportunity for serious contemplation, but the conclusion is uplifting for Jew and Gentile alike. Again, while the focus is on couples who are anticipating marriage or are presently married—there is implied a principle for a key relationship that applies to everyone.

Six Strategies for Intermarried Couples

... provided to WindowView by Son of David Congregation and Chosen People Ministries

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Step Up To Life
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