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Intelligent Design: an Interview with Dr. Stephen Meyer

Presentation on Darwin's Doubt

For mobile devices access the first video here:

The full length, high definition, video of the 'Socretes in the City' interview, use the embedded Vimeo video feed below:

The top video is shorter by a few minutes as we have forwarded past some opening coments to start with credits and introduction to Dr. Meyer. The Vimeo link leads to a full length HD version of the same video that you may wish to share on a larger screen.

Consider This:

Dr. Meyer makes a strong case for Intelligent Design. Watch here and learn what ID is and what it is not. Further, think about the implications to the reality you call life.

We have followed him since the first set of symposia at Yale University in 2000. Since the Yale conference the initials ideas and collaborative work with others has led Dr. Meyer to publish both 'Signature in the Cell' and 'Darwin's Doubt.' Both books together are a marvelous treatment of science, the data, the scientists who have made discoveries and performed vital research, and all together make for a readable account of why intelligent design is a most relevant approach to origins and explaining life.

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The WindowView drops many of the typical presumptions to take another look. What does scientific data tell us if we start without assumptions? And ... how contiguous is science information if examined along with scriptural perspectives provided by the Bible? The Bible is the only religious or holy book we know of that is in fact consistent with science. While not a textbook, the Scriptures are either contradictory or complementary to scientific perspectives. Have you looked at these perspectives? To see 'Science and Scripture in Harmony' is to reveal life, reality, and your future.

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