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Science Area Articles

The menu, on the left, lists Science Area articles in three Parts. Most articles follow the format of asking questions, providing a plain language short answer, and then a "Consider This" section with further detail and discussion.

Science Area articles are intended to stretch the mind, to look beyond opinions, to thinking "outside the box," and to follow evidence and information to where it leads.

One main principle applies and that concerns assumptions. Often, assumptions are used in science disciplines and in religious circles. Assumptions are not data, nor evidence, and if any opinion or assumption is dropped out of view ... what is left is worth consideration.

What can you say of any topic or issue once you leave out assumptions! Try it sometime!

We agree, even here, articles describe or address assumptions. Your task is to be aware of how you might see the bigger picture and even recognize, based on the evidence, a means to seeing "Science and Scripture in Harmony."

To be clear, information and the texts written regarding science and Scripture are not addressing the same topics, but information in each area is either in support of one and the same existence, and God is in the details, or we live in space and time with no particular significance, no purpose, nor hope of anything beyond this fleeting experience called life.

It's time to sit at the window, to look and assess what is out there for your understanding. If there is meaning and purpose that both Science and Scripture can reveal to us ... well ... that is why "WindowView" and the real opportunity is to see the how and why we are alive.

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