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More Than Intelligent Design
Testing a New Hypothesis


Why do scientists say any topic described in terms of creation cannot be scientific?

Are there no means to present models that are scientific that in fact include creation terms?

Is not the origin of the universe not something we call a creation event?

Who has presented a testable model for a scientific approach to creation related events?

Short Answer:

For some two decades there has been one scientist who has been concerned with astronomy and the scientific implications for evidence that describes a unity with the biblical text. Yet, this scientist has encountered the argument that anything related to a description of events that fall under the umbrella of 'creation' are not in fact scientific, nor would they be testable. While science as a discipline appeals to properties and events that are themselves not testable, the argument that creation cannot be likewise put in a testable scenario is hypocritical.

Dr. Hugh Ross has for some years made the statement that he wishes to test the hypothesis of creation. His organization, Reasons to Believe, based in Pasadena, California, has in fact hosted conferences attended by numerous scientists to entertain the means and approach of creating a testable hypothesis.

The point we wish to make here is simple. When you read scientists' critiques of creationism or intelligent design, commentaries on biblical passages and problems they see, or condemnation of anything that would put science and religion into one discussion, be aware of bias or prejudice. Why? Simply put, our material experience can be described in many ways by what scientific findings reveal. No question there! Religion, specifically, the human experience as reflected in the Hebrew and Greek texts, the Bible, adds a dimension to describing our experience. In reality, if the words, data, and findings in both sphere are truthful, then no one can build a wall between both realms. In principle, both apply to the same unity of experience. And certainly, each area describes matters not covered in the other realm. Just the same, to separate the two entirely is a device. This drives a wedge such that we ignore thinking of our overall experience as humans.

In the final analysis, it may just be possible to use some aspects of scientific findings to tell us something about the Bible's descriptive terms for our origin. Those who reject the notion by definition have revealed closed mindedness. Here, we encourage opening the window to broaden the field of consideration. The short commentary below reflects on a step toward a responsible effort to offer a testable creation hypothesis. And why not, we might just learn something remarkable if we are open to exploration. That after all is the true heart of basic science research-an approach that is open, objective, and unrestrained.

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Consider This:

The first book title represented below, Origins of Life, comes with the subtitle: "Biblical and Evolutionary Models Face Off." The book is co-authored by Dr. Fazale Rana and Dr. Ross. Dr. Rana represents a scientific background based on training to the post-graduate research level in biological sciences.

Life's Origins

This, along with Dr. Ross' comprehensive and up to date understanding of astronomy and physics, makes for a formidable authorship. The concept of this writing is to in the end line up predictions based on what evolutionists would say explains life on earth and a 'creationist' view.


We put the term creationist in single quotes because the word can mean many things to many different persons. Here, we leave open an objective use of the term. That is, we do not strictly think of creation as solely a biblical term. A creation viewpoint and a study on origins can and in this case certainly does include a rigorous review of scientific information.

We see that critiques of 'creation' or 'intelligent design' have come out of the scientific realm. Some of the critiques however, make statements that themselves fall right into the areas that are being critiqued. We are saying that those who are critiquing are not aware that they themselves use certain assumptions and restrictions that undercut their own complaints. We leave examples of this to another article here at WindowView. For now, it's simply important to recognize that Dr. Ross, joined by other scientists, have initiated the effort to put a creation model out for testing.

Chapter Three of the book on origins is entitled "Putting Creation to the Test. " While some readers might not like to review verses from the biblical text, the latter part of the chapter puts forth specific model predictions for a creation model. The book then, chapter by chapter, uses a scientific context to arrive at conclusions that scientific data give us. Some in the biblical camp may not like an old earth approach, but the science of the day comes with this approach and even with an old earth set of descriptors, the biblical based predictions hold true. At WindowView we assume that if a young earth approach is true, then there need be no such review. The entire case is settled before a dialog is started. But here, given the exercise of looking at all this inn terms of the old earth and the scientific data humanity now holds ... the creation model in its present form holds true.

So, simply put, we've answered the question concerning creation hypothesis. Yes, one can be put forth. Yes, the scientific data gives answers in response to the model's predictions. So, would you buy into this? Well, that's for you to decide. If you wish to buy the book and read it, then please do! It's the only way to experience the responsible and scientific approach made by the two authors. And if you want to obtain the book now, just click on the book cover pictured below. However, we are not here to sell books, it's just that we provide a book link for your convenience. If you wish, you may also read more about what Drs. Rana and Ross do at their website.

Added Perspective:

There are numerous references to intelligent design within the Science Feature Area of the WindowView. There is however a note of caution that needs to be exclaimed. Intelligent design is one of several spring boards that propel our attention to other areas. Dr. Ross, for example, has presented papers at symposia that focus on intelligent design, but at the same time he sees science as a testimony that goes through and beyond the topics that allude to or concentrate solely on design. That an intelligent agency is present is key to a series of concerns that certainly follow an awareness of our being as a product of design. What is that design for? Where is the intended direction once we see that we are placed here by design?

To say that a scientifically testable hypothesis for creation exists is part of Dr. Ross' recent activities. Scientists from many disciplines now contribute to the effort to coordinate serious scientific endeavors in this field. Yet, as you can imagine, the scientific establishment needs to be moved to accept such a testable hypothesis and to pursue the work necessary. The establishment at large is not geared to such science. That does not invalidate the venture. It just delays matters.

Beyond broadening the scientific window on existence, the other areas of the WindowView focus on global change—which are signs of our time—and on the Promise that is the intended banner for a specific people group. One chosen group has been the intended message bearer. The signs and the message round out the WindowView. All these elements placed within one and the same window lead us to visualizing the Convergence noted earlier and also bring us to building the larger paradigm—which is the exercise we offer in the final concluding area of this web resource.

Writer / Editor: Dr. T. Peterson, Director,

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