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Science Along the Time Line


Looking at science and technology along a time line can be very revealing:


Short Answer:

New, marvelous, Science discoveries come each day. Comprehending the implications of these findings... about our health, the universe, and much more... is sometimes beyond us, beyond our attention span, beyond our daily experience. Our involvement (through our senses) and understanding of the material existence at some point hits a limit. More than the senses and more than technology are required to get beyond this point. Science along time reveals the intricate, the designed, the awesome nature to being here. But this appreciation in fact takes us beyond the material realm.

Yet, new discoveries in one arena coincide with events that elsewhere fall along other avenues, other time lines. While very different, other time line events spring forth from Scripture into the news, on the TV, and globally via the Internet. Are these events integrated, in some relevant way, into the fabric of our comprehension? Can eclectic themes be interwoven? Case in point, the updated Hubbell telescope with enhanced power speaks not only to the awesome universe, but also to something that the Scriptures refer to in a complementary fashion. Science reveals a glory in the material and scriptural heavens. So, if examined thoughtfully, openly, there is a transition from the material being to an understanding why 'scriptural events' are so relevant to us. And this ties into current events along the biblical time line and relate directly to what goes on in the Middle East, as well as in all nations around the globe.

Here is the suggestion that science and scriptural lines converge as time advances. This is why the WindowView time line pages list concurrent events in these very different areas of human activity. History is being written along multiple tracks, yet this all fits within a common experience. If there is a point of convergence ahead, what exactly is it? Science plays its part in this key process. But what are the driving forces that lead humanity along the time line...

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Consider This:

Certainly, a look at the WindowView timelines reveals humanity's progress in the areas of science and technology. Science provides a measure of understanding the universe. But in doing so we encounter thinking that goes beyond the simpler material explanations for who we are and how we got here. We understand atoms and molecules, but 'string theory' that describes material particles as vibrating entities made of energy is abstract. Yet, science advancements have brought us beyond the limits of our physical senses and into a quest to understand more than just the day-to-day experience. Science has brought us to a miraculous field of understanding... to the point of comprehending the foundation our existence and origins in a remarkable new light.

Of all things, it's modern research—something separate from the scriptural introduction to what and whom initiated our universe and our being—that gives us new perspectives on our origins and the unique conditions that support life as we know it. And still, these findings bring us back to design, not chance, and to a Designer, not a foundation characterized by randomness. Seeing this is the entire thrust of our looking through the window and the information presented in the Science feature area of WindowView.

Science also brings us to seeing that the world is undergoing dramatic material change. Many are really unaware—asleep, in denial—of the dimensions of global change (article). But if we think along the time line of recent human history, one can easily envision the building forces for change. Population growth, consumption of resources, political pressures, and much more enter into this arena of change. Scientists ask what humans can do to solve this human-driven problem. But is this simply an issue of humans fixing a problem, when in fact humans are falling short of the stewardship that is required? Can we save the planet, save ourselves? It's incredible that we even see human-centric questions of this magnitude... and meanwhile global change (separate web site section) portends further decline before any hope of seeing a turn around.

The concept of colonizing other planets or fixing the problems here on this planet come with a huge price tag. Dreamers fail to recognize how unobtainable such endeavors are in the face of the crises we routinely see. And time is short. If we come to a crisis point in the near future, then it appears that 'solutions' will be needed on earth first.

A scriptural based perspective would logically seem grounded in a text that changes little. Yet science builds an information base that expands over time. In fact, science now adds information to its base at a geometric and even exponential rate. That is to say, data and information as text, pictures, video, and sound all build so rapidly that scientists hardly have time to assess what we have collected. Ironically, new data on the scriptural side would not seem to build, unless one realizes that biblical history is as current as what the biblical text sees looking forward in a prophetic context. In that regard, new evidence comes to us as evidence revealed in events in the Middle East and elsewhere around the world. Science on the other hand is not prophetic but still builds around human activities... again, many of them materialistic and short ranged endeavors. But what if the material experience is not all there is to our life experience? Science is then only one interesting, and valuable, perspective on being.

In the material realm there is space to realize that there is something special about our origin and existence. So too, a realization that global change hints at a dilemma coming at the crossroads ahead of us. This is why the window's view transitions into a look at the final feature area entitled 'Harmony.' We furthermore ask you to take several very separate areas of consideration to rethink the working model behind our existence. The Harmony Area reveals a relationship that provides an answer to the future crisis point (the point of convergence) that one can anticipate with scientific certainty.

Considering a paradigm shift allows us to see very different fields of view folding into one holistic perspective... a final view on where the future is leading us. Science offers some apparent answers in the material realm, quick fixes perhaps, research provides cures and technologies that are remarkable, but humanity's survival and destiny are issues that go beyond the material experience. For this reason science is only one part of the WindowView timeline. Again, along the companion track on the time line we see a series of events and a focus on something spiritual. This goes beyond the material, beyond science alone, yet these are integral to the overall (corporate, all inclusive) human experience. The ultimate transition is from science to what is scriptural, from the material to the eternal, from our human corporate failing (corporate sin, failure as stewards, failure to our kind), and to recognize that in the design... the Designer holds the solution and presents the way to the future. Science is only part of the lager view.

Added Perspective:

A timeline perspective is one way to appreciate change and how the initial pace continually ramped up to something we may describe as rapid or even exponential in proportions today. At the core of our daily being, humans deal with much the same issues in life, today as well as long ago, in spite of conveniences or advancements through modern science. Our awareness of the laws of nature, the existence we live, and the possibility of purpose in life is enhanced by scientific exploration. One might even sense that we are rapidly approaching a new threshold in our appreciation for what science can and cannot tell us—all to the point of revealing the exceptional nature to life. A look at origins is an important reflection among all the other distractions because it offers the opportunity to attach purpose to being. In this context we can anticipate where the time is headed.

Writer / Editor: Dr. T. Peterson, Director,

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