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Science Part I Articles
From Universe to Darwin

This portion of the Science Area offers articles that span topics from the concept of a beginning to the universe to the thinking that provided a theory on life and the evolution to many life forms on Earth.

Specific titles for additional articles are found in Parts II and III.

Here are a few points covered in the articles listed here

Our view can be totally reoriented by revisiting the scientific data, some of which is cited here! Our existence is not a mere ordinary event. (How would you even define ordinary given the remarkable observations science alone affords us today!) If not 'ordinary,' then one needs to reconsider how to view this life experience as something with purpose, something special! (from: Astronomy and Evidence from the Beginning)

But let's step back a minute from the words creationist and evolutionist to consider a point raised by a nuclear physicist, Dr. Gerald Schroeder, concerning time and relativity. Might there be a way to pull a 15 billion year old rabbit out of a 6 day old hat? Dr. Schroeder, with the help of Einstein's theory of general relativity, makes calculations to explain how the rabbit is in fact pulled out of the hat (also see link to related feature article by Dr. Schroeder at the bottom of this page). The implications here are for a reading of the Genesis account that is both literal and scientific, but with an intelligent twist. (from: Old or Young Earth ...)

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The world view before the Victorian Era—before Darwin, Wallace, et al.—included perspectives on design and a Divine Presence as being responsible for the universe and all that is in it. So too, many thought of the universe as infinite and ageless. Created life simply revealed an order that was not the result of randomness nor chance. For example, Linnaeus is often cited as a creationist, yet he did a good measure of work as a scientist in classifying organisms. Yet, by the mid 1800s there came a period of 'enlightenment' and thinking that segregated the Divine from the material—natural causes seemed responsible for more and more of the observable world. (from: Humanity's Thinking — Shifts Over Time ... )

Yes, Darwin stated doubts concerning evolution. Some were subject to his open expression. He saw the potential—from what he could mentally wrestle and grasp—for unresolvable problems. We should expect no less from an intellect that seeks to coalesce the big picture into a seamless vision. (from: Darwin's doubts)

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