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Internet Link List
Science and Apologetics

The following lists Internet links directly or indirectly relate to the information used to produce the Window View site and to develop The Creator's Window. Explore these sites further on your own.

Many of the sites listed here have their own listings of web links. For this reason we offer a limited listing of sites that we think are of greatest interest to our visitors.

Access Research Network (ARN)

Here you will find information on a journal entitled Origins & Design as well as listings for a number of writers and speakers who identify themselves with the concept of intelligent design. During your visit to this site, you can also view or print articles that are produced by these individuals.

Reasons to Believe

This WEB site is hosted by an astronomer, Dr. Hugh Ross and his support staff, who are responsible for publishing a popular series of titles and newsletters related to science and scripture. Information on newsletters, publications, and other resources are available at this Internet address. You can also view or print articles that are produced by Reasons to Believe. The nature and quality of the writing offered here is well worth the time of both the general public and the scientific community.

American Scientific Affiliation (ASA)

This WEB site offers articles for the general and technical minded reader. This information adds to a responsible scientific view of the Scriptures. ASA itself is a society with members representing virtually every area of science. ASA publishes a professional style journal for the scientific believer. You can also view or print articles that are produced by members of the ASA.

The ASA also offers a valuable resource entitled Teaching Science in a Climate of Controversy—A View from the American Scientific Affiliation. This small book is a must read for students, teachers, and parents who would like to put what is commonly offered by public education into perspective with science and Scripture. Individual copies may be obtained from ASA, PO Box 668, Ipswich, MA 01938-0668 (or call 508-356-5656)

Inconvenient Truth - Climate Crisis


Vice President Al Gore may bring a number of different reactions from citizens of the U.S. Whatever you may think, you can only be moved deeply by a man's passion to warn humanity of what lies ahead with regard to climate change. This web site helps us all to see a bit of that truth ... the crisis comes, no matter your politics or impressions of others.

The Discovery Institute

This site offers biographies, articles, and news related to a number of the feature article authors whose writings appear here. Many of those affiliated with the recent writings on Intelligent Design are fellows of the Discovery Institute.

Icons of Evolution

This web site presents the concept behind Jonathan Wells' book which is entitled 'Icons of Evolution.' Take a moment to read this book's introduction, available here, online. This text reveals the failure of specific examples that are typically used to support evolution. This provides a long overdue examination of evidence and a necessary critique of the way evolution is taught in the classroom today. If you like the web site you'll probably want to read this book for yourself.

Rivendell Institute

The Rivendell Institute for Christian Thought and Learning hosted the November, 2000, Symposium on Science and Evidence for Design in the Universe. This is a Yale University campus ministry serving as a witness to the faculty and students of the university community. Cosponsors for the symposium include the Yale Law School Forum on Cultural and Academic Freedom, The Discovery Institute (listed above), and Yale Students for Christ.

Other Links to Those Who Link to Us

Biology Resources- biology related news, books and web resources.

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