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Internet Link List
Messianic Sites

The following lists Internet links directly or indirectly relate to the information used to produce the Window View site and to develop The Creator's Window. Explore these sites fur on your own.

Many of the sites listed here have their own listings of web links. For this reason we offer a limited listing of sites that we think are of greatest interest to our visitors.

To be very clear, the following resources are geared to unique roles that relate directly to the Jewish root to a Messianic Hebrew faith that flows like a main stream into what is today called Christianity. The original Messianic Movement in the first century was predominantly Jewish and the inclusion of Gentiles over time fills out the story. Thus, there is something entirely in context for both Jew and Gentile at these web sites.

The Society for Distributing Hebrew Scriptures

The following link is a web site where Jewish people may request a Brit Chadesah, that is a Hebrew New Testament, to be sent to them free of charge. In their words: "We would like to encourage the reading of the Word of God amongst our Jewish brethren, in the privacy of their own homes, as the Word of God is the power unto salvation." Again, this a resource in Hebrew (not to be confused with the Brit Chadesah in English as is the case for the "Jewish New Testament" in English, which is listed on our book page).

Messianic Judaism / Linking Jewish Roots to Messiah

Ariel Ministries

Ariel Ministries

This site is a primary source for books and publications by Dr. Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum. You can also find Arnold's titles listed in our booklist with bookstore links. But there is more, Arnold travels and speaks around the world, teaches at a summer camp in upstate New York, leads tours to Israel, and in between focuses on his ministry's work based in California.

Chosen People Ministries

Chosen People Ministries (CPM)

Might a Jew believe in his or her own Messiah? How might the Messiah be identified in historical and scriptural terms? CPM has concerned itself with answering these questions by reason and careful consideration of the evidence available to us all. They have been at this work for over a century. We thank them for their guidance and encouragement.

Burt Rosenberg -- Spreading Joyfulness!

Burt presents the gospel with a Jewish flare, humor, and a special tenderness that has him in demand across the U.S. We know this guy personally and he will make you grin ... make you know you're loved [by the Big Dude in heaven Himself] ... make you happy that someone can laugh with you no matter where you are in life ... and he might even slip something infectiously great into your heart! Take a look at Burt's web sites for more information on his efforts to ''smugglin' love'': and

Days of Moshiach - Two distinct web sites for one distinct reason:




Son of David Congregation
A Messianic-biblical based community ...

What might have the congregations of the first century looked like? Jews and Gentiles looking to the presence of the Messiah, worshiping together, and building a personal relationship with the God of Israel ... but this isn't the first century and it's happening now! This is part of the intended picture as decreed from the beginning ...

Word of Messiah Ministries

This Messianic ministry is headed by Sam Nadler. We recognize Sam here not only for his former participation with Chosen People Ministries, but now Mr. Nadler's study guides, newsletter, and books ... along with personal appearances ... goes a long way to illustrating the Jewish roots to main line, Scripture based, Christian faith ... which in a nutshell Messianic by definition. This ministry is well worth a look for Jew and Gentile alike.

Zola Levitt Ministries

We bring this ministry to your attention because of Zola's efforts to introduce us to the ideas and work of Dr. Gerald Schroeder. The Zola Levitt Ministries web site is a good place to find video interviews and even a lecture style presentation of Dr. Schroeder explaining the days of Genesis creation in scientific terms.

Chanin art

Genesis One - Messianic Artwork by R. Chanin

Take a look at a wide array of paintings, many with biblical themes from the Tanach and Brit Chadashah.

Christian Centered Study Sites

JPN logo

Jesus Plus Nothing

This site early on established a link to WindowView from the most remote of locations: New Zealand! JPN offers downloadable files that offer a wide selection of Bible studies with the person and work of Jesus as its central theme."


Example resources to learn more:

Truth Unlocked

Joshua Project

Special Services and Resources (the "dot com" pages!)

Joy Song

Downloading music from the web is a big thing these days. Here's a place to get a handle on some new music that won't be found any where else!

Others Expressing an Interest in the WindowView


Extend a greeting via the web for the High Holy Days and other occasions.




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