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TimeLine Notebook

Church Ages - Are the Last Two Combined?

Sometimes, based on the research, more than one possibility appears to support the presentation within the WindowView.

So, we think it fair to note — for example — that there are those who would say that some aspects of the Missionary Age (the 6th Church Age) continue in time even to the latter days on the current time line. This would put the characteristics of the second to last Church Age well into and perhaps to the end of the 7th (Apostate) Church Age. You might even find diagrams — as we have — that in fact overlay the last two ages as if to occur simultaneously.

Undoubtedly, some elements of all seven Church Ages are present at all times. Missionary work may well continue into the present day — but on what scale... realistically far less than before. But overall, the character of tolerance, focusing more on social than on spiritual issues, and seeking political correctness can be observed in print (i.e., the popular media reports) and in the activities of many current day congregations. We see that some Jewish and Christian groups have openly embraced elements of secular humanism — a tendency which certainly leads away from acknowledging and embracing the God of Israel.

We ask you to consider that the characteristics for each age apply to only a specific segment of time. Further, think about how the apostate position weakens the spiritual core of the faith community — i.e., believers in Messiah — in the global sphere over all. Yes, there are large councils and global church meetings of all sorts in this time, but upon close examination one can recognize that the traits of the last Church Age predominate — if not in the foreground, certainly as a presence in the background. We bring this to your attention because its a relevant part of the view today... and thus has something to do with what's ahead of us on the time line.


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