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The Miller and Urey Chemical Evolution
Experiment Fails to Explain Our Origin

The idea that simple chemical components — those existing on a primitive earth — were in some way the progenitors of larger compounds that in turn lead to increasingly complex building stages, next on to cells, and then the life forms we see today... all this... is not a new idea. But in historical terms, this concept was not fully tested or explored until scientists tried to mimic the primitive conditions in the laboratory. Can we put our origin to a test!

The now famous Miller and Urey experiment, conducted in 1953, was among many approaches to come. Their work tested the theory of a chemical evolution. This was in reality an attempt to demonstrate a possible chemical means explaining our origin.

Without going into specifics here... we do that elsewhere within the WindowView... the Miller and Urey experiment was not so much a demonstration of possible chemical origins as it was the demonstration for the presence of intelligence and design — in this case originating from the scientists themselves. Their experiment was not only designed, but designed in favor of success... thus trapping chemicals that may or may not have remained stable and persistent in a primitive setting. This very simple point is so often lost in the excitement of such a scientific demonstration. Yes, their laboratory trial produced more complex chemicals from simpler starter compounds... but with the aid of a cold trap they selectively captured the end products of their experiment. Where in nature are such traps found? Perhaps only where an intelligent agent decides such a trap is needed, much like what Miller and Urey designed into their experiment.

Today, we are no closer to plausible explanations for a chemical origin to life. There seem no theories that are even close to a certainty for how a chemical evolution could have come about. Too many physical and chemical problems have presented a barrier that no one has been able to surmount. The idea that design has something to do with our being here is the point we are stressing here. Within the WindowView we provide many other evidences — from many other angles — that all add up to life's origin as the result of and a cause based on intelligence. It's not by chance or some random process.

If you are yet to explore the idea that our origin is by an intelligence at work and evidence comes in the form of of design, then we invite you to visit our Science Area. These ideas are key to understanding a major portion of the WindowView. All this is important to understanding our being here!


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