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Preparing the way for Ezekiel's War

There are a number of interpretations for certain biblical events that are as yet anticipated for the (near) future. Students of the Bible will tell you the world is coming close to that time when Messiah will appear. But why? Is there good reason for this or is it just their thinking? Indeed, Ezekiel documents an account for an invasion of Israel — with forces specifically identified from nations coming from the north and south — and this battle comes first, logically before Messiah's appearance. Again, to have all this work, this event is yet to occur within the borders of Israel — this is therefore a conditional event. So, first there had to be a Jewish state, Israel. That became a reality in 1948.

The factual basis for this conflict may be hard to see until forces are clearly on the move. But what of other circumstances that clear the way — that is, make possible a clearer understanding of what Ezekiel wrote long ago in terms of current events we do see today.

If you want to catch up on some reading, the battle is described in Ezekiel 38 and 39. The mountains in question run from north to south through present day Israel. The countries invading Israel are identified in the text and their troops meet their end as they are destroyed by the action of the Almighty... specifically in the mountains of Israel.

Dr. Fruchtenbaum reminds us that up to 1967, the mountains of Israel were actually in Arab hands. The Six-day war found the Israelis taking back lands in the eastern part of Israel. The future battle ends with troops meeting their demise on the mountains in Israel (not Jordan or other Arab land). So, technically, as long as the mountains remain in Israeli control, the battle described by Ezekiel could be fought. Up to 1967 this was not possible... but is possible today!

While we cannot tell you when this battle will be fought, the observation we are making here is important to the entire context of the WindowView time line... and this topic is part of many others that make a transition into the key events at the end of the time line. What may be hard to grasp is going from what was (events we can be certain happened and are in the past) to what is yet to happen according to what the time line states. To see the was go to what will be takes an ability to see barriers being removed and doorways of opportunity being opened. Both 1948 and 1967 are part of windows that make the way and open to the future.


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