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TimeLine Notebook

Science Turns Towards the Technical

Let's just quickly turn our attention to an important transition for science and society. Science begins to get more and more technical from here on out.

First, the types of science — in thought or experiment — are at this time getting at the biology, chemistry, and physics of the human material experience — like at no other time before! And important as these discoveries were then, many observations were being recorded by scientists who considered God a corporate part of the life experience. To their mind a designer was present behind the scenes.

Of great importance to the transition, scientific findings were being recorded in a way that reflects a new attention to discipline. Scientific societies are now forming in various locations. These entities serve to spur further science and to facilitate publishing work when concluded. This is a key part of a maturing endeavor to explore, report, and build a document base that logs the details of the place inhabited by humans — the earth and even the universe beyond.

Here we are seeing an era of science beyond simply cataloging information — something we noted earlier in the time line. Humans are building experience upon experience to broaden the larger view. Keep in mind that around this time the field of view was perhaps a bit more open. Later, in the Victorian era — when Darwin and others came along — the scenario of science and human world view shifts — the paradigm concerning our existence changes.

What Darwin's work did by the broad acceptance and interpretations to follow made for a big change in the way science was conducted and the expectations science had for the results that would be gathered. There was a certain spin on science.

Science prior to the 1850s is moved into a material naturalism that continues to operate with few really effective opponents. Indeed, even during Darwin's day there were debates, reasonable counter charges, and skeptics, but Darwinism stayed strong until Intelligent Design reemerged in the 1990s. And that presents a twist to humanity's story that you can explore further in our Science Area within the WindowView.


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