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Will Global Change Bring
A Total Environmental Collapse

It's time to face the fact that Hollywood and the media keep making us think in terms of apocalypse — that is, a time of death and total devastation. But there are lines of demarcation drawn in the Scriptures. Early judgments described in the book of Revelation have death associated with various events, but humanity overall holds the option for choices and devastations may be localized instead of truly global in scope.

Also, remember that the word apocalypse comes from the Greek 'apokalupsis' which is really a 'revealing' of something or someone... not a term designed to key in on destruction. The book of Revelation speaks of revealing Messiah... to put a light on Him and to turn the story line back on Him. That apocalyptic event does however come with numerous events that build to a climax... but again, to what purpose!

So, at some points along the way nature is drawn into the scheme as part of God's judgments [see Part Four of the Creator's Window for the story line on the judgments]... but each event is deliberate and the globe remains habitable up to the very end. However, midstream, the judgments do change and therein is a point of no return. Up to that point the purpose of the trials and tribulations is to move people to making a choice — to choose truth and a relationship with God.

In the final analysis... much of what is often described in terms of total gloom and doom are really periods of judgment that beg earth's inhabitants to see what is happening and to respond. There will still be some food, some water, some air... yet the response is not one merely for material survival, but instead the question is one of one's spiritual future. The earth's history comes to a close at the end of an age where choice is key. Time does not end here, time still remains on the time line ahead. But the choices have to be made before time continues.

While it may seem difficult to shift away from a material and naturalistic mind set... the time line has everything to do with our paying attention to the fact that our origins (as explored elsewhere in the WindowView) themselves go well beyond the material realm. So, room will be given for choice and this would not be well served by a total environmental collapse... all the same, the big squeeze will be on. How would you respond?


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