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Gallery of Graphic Evidence

The following graphics are from the public domain source published as the 2014 US Climate Assessment. The entire 800+ page assessment document is available for download as a PDF document.

There is much more to the assessment details, including building strategies for mitigation and reversing negative impacts—all are addressed in the full report. For now, these graphics all say "Change is Now!"

Click on any image below to enlarge, view, and control a slide show moving from graphic to graphic.

USclimateAssessmentCOVER Human_n_Ntural_Influences 1700-yrs-temp-change-proxy-data heat-trapping-gas 2000-yrs-heat-trapping-gases co2-1958-to-2013 global_temp_n_CO2 global-temp-observed-change surface-air-temp-variation-longterm-tredn carbon-emissions-industrial-age Projected_global_temp_change Ocean_co2_n_pH muir-glacier-1941-to-2004 decline_artic_sea_ice sea-cover-ice-artic-2012 ice-loss-greenland=antarctica-2003-2012 melting-artic-land-based-ice-fig39 human-influence-on-greenhse-effect sea-level-rise-1800-2100 sea-level-rise-global-recent thawing-permafrost2 thawing-permafrost-alaska-models lake_erie_harmful_algae_bloom xreme-event-hurricane-sandy building-loss-fire-calif US-ag_imports_exports indigenous-peoples smoke_stacks_USGS lightbox iframe jquery by v6.0m

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