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Return of Israel to the Land

In biblical terms, 1948 is a key year. Without the return of the Land, Israel, as a newly formed State, the Jewish people could not even conceive of the possibility of certain biblical texts as being fulfilled — especially concerning the return of the Jews to Israel. Long ago prophesied, but hard to imagine until the very day it happened!

Returning to the Land, as is foretold in:

  • Ezekiel 20: 33-38 (i.e., a gathering of the people out of a time of wrath, but also a gathering of these people for a future time of wrath)
  • Ezekiel 22: 17-22 (a gathering of the Jewish people in a state of unbelief to prepare for a time of judgment)
  • Zephaniah 2:1-2 ( gathering before a time of Tribulation and in advance of establishing God's Kingdom)
  • Isaiah 11:11 to 12:6 (inclusive of the final gathering in faith for a blessing - this includes the second and last regathering of the Jewish people... not a role to be fulfilled by just anyone but the Hebrews themselves)
  • Parenthetical notes are gleaned from a teaching by Dr. Fruchtenbaum on ''The Modern State of Israel in bible Prophecy.'' A tape and outline of this presentation are available through Ariel Ministries (see our Web Links Page for information on Ariel)

There are those who have supposed that the Church (community of believers) takes the place of Israel and that a return to the Land is essentially to be interpreted in the Scriptures as a spiritual issue. But as the time line clearly shows, a physical Israel and a Jewish people play a part in a key role. But the return of the people to Israel is not immediately in a state of belief, for many who have returned in recent time are agnostic, atheist, and few are orthodox or otherwise religious to a greater degree. A fully believing Jewish state is off in the future.

Remarkably, the return of the Jewish people to Israel starts us back on a biblical track — one previously laid out in the biblical text in terms of future time. We are there now, yet in this light, the future is still ahead of us. The process of returning is underway. At least a specific phase of returning is occurring now.

Again, Israel's return is something that is consistent with what was written long ago, but only now snaps into place (more information relevant to this aspect of the time line is written into Part Four of the Creator's Window). It's all unmistakably in the WindowView. Take a look at its significance as yet another real milestone set along the time line.


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