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TimeLine Notebook

Change Until the End of the Timeline

Global change will define this latter period of human history. As world governments continue to find difficulty in making global agreements — especially when faced with compromising national interests in spite of the global concerns — some form of mounting changes will keep building in the environment. What will become of global climate changes? Will forests and fields be truly sustainable and thus provide continued stocks of food, fiber, chemicals, and habitation? How is stewardship achieved in the face of economic forces — and on a global scale no less!

Think about the future in terms of efforts to build and stabilize global economies. We see the European Community serving as a trading block and elsewhere such as in the Asian rim countries, in the formation of NAFTA, the World Trade Organization, etc., there is a move to coalescing nations into larger blocks. Might we one day see eight, nine, or ten specific trading blocks organized across the globe? The Bible describes 10 kingdoms on earth and that these will be folded into one global government at a future time. Will the kingdoms be formed on the basis of trade alone or will other human concerns be part of the mix?

Whether a one world government would come about totally by political maneuvers alone or perhaps come with some environmental rhetoric on defeating the negative impacts of global change ... it does seem that we are getting close to the possibility. For example, with the Internet and the electronic links across the globe today we could conceive of how a single global governing system could be put in place.

We caution that global change can be described in terms of ''signs of the times,'' but any negative consequence to change is a human-centered consequence. On the other hand, the Bible speaks of seeing the signs in the times... to put more of this into context we suggest you take a look at the chapters that make up Part Four of the Creator's Window [Read the book off line by downloading chapters in PDF format]. Keep in mind the Internet was not as big when the second draft edition of the Creator's Window was written, so we challenge you to think about recent change that might impact the details as presented in the latter chapters of the book! After all, this is part of getting you to explore what you see through the WindowView!


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