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Change Assessment

Figures Illustrating the Matrix of Change

Seeing The Global Assessment

Scroll down to examine a number of the figures (illustrations) from the Millennium Assessment reports (this information is in the public domain). Simply take note of the complexities of change and where obvious you will note various 'drivers' that force further change, various consequences of human activity on a global scale, and other evidence for how global change requires a planet wide response.

We are not trying to take away from or take credit for any of the Millennium Assessment, rather, we feel too many people are unaware of this assessment and its larger implications. There is no inherent doomsday message or sensational appeal. The brief showing of figures here is only a small portion of the greater content described in the Millennium Assessment reports.

You can access PDF copies of all the report chapters here.

At WindowView, the main point is simple, changes now taking place on planet Earth are immense and likely play into the overall time linked biblical scenario.

That scenario includes a one world government taking control of all people and all activities. While there is a spiritual basis for this scenario, when it happens, the rational may be material and human-centric and even god like in its dimensions. How else does humanity in the material dimension expect to"save the planet" and "save all flesh?" The flip side of this dilemma is that the material domain is not all there is to existence. But understanding the larger picture to all global changes helps us to see what will drive humanity to accept global control by one central governing force. We are not countering change as separate governments today, nor will it happen that way. But giving in to a central global governance for the sake of saving ourselves goes right into the real biblical issues as to why we are here in the first place.

Finally, notice that throughout the entire Millennium Assessment that this analysis is human-centric and material. The logical conclusion is that somehow man will do something to resolve the plant's many complex problems. But will we? Can we?

The reports start with illustrations that really revolve around ecosystem 'services' and how this supports humanity and OUR lives (a.k.a. human well being). This focus sets the entire tone of all the assessment as a whole!

Click on any illustration below to view a full sized image:

Figure 1.1

The conceptual framework of this series of reports places human well being up front (see upper left corner) and from that we move into all other areas of consideration for global changes. This is one of many matrix like illustrations we are talking about here at WindowView.

figure 1.2

There are many areas to look at ... and these categories include all the different types of ecological settings ... ecosystems. And within each area there are diverse plant and animal species. How do all these categories fair under the change scenario? Well, that's the point, global change impacts every ecosystem across the face of the entire planet. This too is part of the matrix.

Further down on this page are some illustrations that link change topic areas on a grander scale.

figure 1.3

There are consequences to the kinds of change that occur on different levels and how that spills over into other areas of our lives and livelihood. What trade offs are we willing to make to the quality of the planet to support life. And if not our lives, the life of all plants, animals, and microbes on earth.

figure 2.1

Again, another way of looking at the cascades of events or impacts that occur with ecosystem change.

figure 2.3

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What are the consequences to the disruptions to ecosystems.

figure 2.7

The text in the box below is remarkable. There are FORCES or DRIVERS making for change. One driving force in one aspect causes still other changes on other levels within and beyond any given ecosystem.

Chapter 3

Can you imagine that humans have over-fished and depleted the oceans of fish? Could that have happened? Worse that the reality of this, we ask: At what point do we spoil the oceans beyond repair and recovery? The point is simple, humans have gained so much influence on the global sources of food and other resources that we can and possibly will have dire impacts. If unchecked, the planet may be inadequate to supply our total well being. Where do we go then? (This figure is full size)

figure 4.2.1

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The following graphic needs a moment's thought. See how species of life in the Earth's waters are at greater risk? Our effects on air and land end up impacting life in global waters. So, the impacts in air and land connect to what we see in waters over the entire planet! The complex web or matrix of connections can be seen in this simple relationship that impacts the biodiversity of life on Earth.

figure 4.2.3

How does the diversity of life forms on Earth (i.e., biodiversity) respond to change. To answer this question, study this diagram for inter-relationships of drivers for change and life on Earth.

Figure 11.1

While we think of what goes on in nature, we can see a linkage between society, economic interests, and the environment. Here is yet one more layering of issues that describes the complex matrix of changes.

Scenario Figure 2.1

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In the past humanity's impacts on the globe where much reduced. All of humanity might be considered on a single path with low impact. But as population grows and impacts become diverse, the future path of human life and all life on the planet splits out into one of a number of possible pathways. And where does that lead us? Is there one correct path to follow? Will we find it?

Figure 5.2

The figure above is really saying, of the various possible pathways for humans to take, there are very different results. There is NO surety that what we do as a species will result in something we might desire. Too many variables need be addressed.

This is not to say that positive results will come if we as a species respond. But national conflicts, wars, economic strains, and a multitude of social factors seem to just get in the way of a unified response. Should it all get more apparent that SOMETHING must be done globally, will humans then give themselves over to a single one world government? Will the use of such global power bring us a material salvation? And if not, then what?

The Bible speaks to this scenario in other dimensions. But we don't expect anyone to really think the biblical approach is feasible until we see the immense situation we are now in. And because we as humans are spiritual as well as material, the Bible's story line and events projected for the future become much more tenable that typically thought by material thinkers.

And this is why looking at the topic of change is relevant to looking through this window!

From this point we suggest a look at the Harmony Area and the underlying salvation message there.

Download Millennium Assessment Documents

The following document this is getting older by the year, but the historical significance of the draft assessment should not be understated. The download page to follow provides links to all final report chapters.

Draft Millennium Ecosystem Assessment

The linked PDF document is the final draft released in 2005. The file is only 6 Bytes in size and comes with over 200 pages including color graphics on many pages to illustrate the matrix of change relationships we are talking about.

Download Page for All Scenarios and All Assessment Chapters of Final Reports

The importance to global change is in looking at how social, biological, and physical sciences all reveal data and signs for more ominous changes in the near future. This is change in every aspect of human and earthly affairs ... globally. The Window looks further to see change as a backdrop to a biblical timeline. Driving forces for change force us to ask the most important questions about our true origin, who we are, why we are here, and what the Scriptures tell us about the future. Change forces us to look deeper to face choice or crisis. Life is an opportunity to look for the answers.

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