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Human Migration, Population
on the Move

The earliest inhabitants of the Earth had a luxury that no one has today — they could move to where ever they wished. If they over hunted a region, they could migrate. Moving to a new environ meant starting all over. This also meant the place left behind could recover and repopulate the hunted species or worn land. This is what native populations did in the early phases of human history.

Today, there is a migration of sorts in many areas, but this is a move to economic opportunity and not new resources. Agricultural-based populations have been moving into larger global cities. This has created mega-cities and as their populations build the demands for food, materials, and energy accelerates. These people were once producers, now they are consumers.

The earth can only bear so many consuming persons. Lands lost to erosion, infertility, creeping deserts, deforestation, dwindling fresh water sources, and all the other growing global pressures force humanity into a tight cosmic corner. We can jump ship nor port ourselves to another neighboring planet. Any suggestion that we move the human species elsewhere has lost a measure of sanity. Scientists have found difficulty in creating a self-sustaining model system to support humans. The Biosphere project reveals how inadequate any support system is beside the Earth itself. The cost to transport a sub-set of the human community would deplete the earth for those who remained behind.

For now, the conclusion to reach is ... we have no place to go but right here. We are left with a reality of facing ourselves. Maybe that's the point. If we had achieved a form of stewardship that 'inherits the earth' and takes responsibility for ourselves in love, then what need would there be for migration?

This is just one of many panes in the WindowView. This is a fraction of the process identified earlier within the section entitled 'Convergence.' Keep exploring the view, visit our page titled 'Experience WindowView' to see how global changes are part of a larger holistic paradigm which is the reason behind assembling this cyber-place. Putting the picture together helps to envision humanity's direction along the dimension of time.

The importance to global change is in looking at how social, biological, and physical sciences all reveal data and signs for more ominous changes in the near future. This is change in every aspect of human and earthly affairs ... globally. The Window looks further to see change as a backdrop to a biblical timeline. Driving forces for change force us to ask the most important questions about our true origin, who we are, why we are here, and what the Scriptures tell us about the future. Change forces us to look deeper to face choice or crisis. Life is an opportunity to look for the answers.

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